Xiaomi Mint launcher is now available on the play store. You can use Xiaomi mint launcher directly by downloading it from the play store.

Introduction of Xiaomi mint launcher

Xiaomi mint launcher is the most popular mobile manufacturer company. It has made some best quality of the phone. Which is really affordable for us.


Now it also has created a new launcher which is a mint launcher for Redmi go. It has some best cool features. That everybody wants to get it. A piece of great news you can shop from Instagram.


Mint launcher Main Part

The launcher is like poco phone or Nova Launcher. We could see some best features of the launcher. Isn’t photo backed up? Backup your photo by Google photos.

Xiaomi mint launcher
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Xiaomi mint launcher best features

There are some best features of the Xiaomi mint launcher. It will greatly help you.
  • Categories the app automatically
  • Moving multiple apps
  • Uninstalling multiple apps
  • Hide your app

These are the best features of Xiaomi mint launcher. The APK is about 9.7 MB, so, it would not take large space. Chat Heads on your Android Q phone.



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