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Your system won’t boot up? Try windows 10 system image backup tool to take a complete backup of your system image.

Backup is the most important thing all around technology. And especially its the most important for computer or laptop. Because it may failure any time or also it may be stolen anytime. That’s why I’m writing this article to show a complete step by step process on how to backup Windows 10 system image. 

Why You Should Backup of Your Windows 10 System Image?

Backup means an alternative to recover previous things simply. When we delete something or system won’t boot up then we could understand the importance of taking a regular backup. And repent saying that if we take a backup of our entire system then probably we can regain our system again. 

System Image Backup windows10

In case, the hardware failure or any software issues is caused when installing or upgrading the system then there is no chance to go to the previous state until you take any backup. 

Probably you will lose your photos your personal files your apps your settings everything. 

Most importantly, you may lose your lot of hours of configuring your computer and apps.

As a result, backup is so much important. 

How to Save Your Time Creating Windows 10 System Image Backup

On Windows 10 there are two different ways to backup your entire system. However, there are many ways to backup Windows 10 system image. For example, you can copy your C drive manually and save it in a secure place. On the other hand, you can use some third-party apps to make windows 10 system image. If you don’t want to go with any third party solution then you should try the windows 10 built-in image backup tool.

What You Can Take Backup with Windows Built-In Image Backup Tool?

Most importantly, the tool takes full c drive backup that means you won’t lose your installed apps And it’s data. And if you want to take the backup of a Certain drive like E drive or F drive you can select it when taking image backup

As a result, you won’t lose any of your personal data and c drive data of you take a regular backup.

To clarify, Microsoft no longer updates and maintains the windows image backup tool on the windows 10. That’s why you can see that Backup and Restore (Windows 7). But you can use it without any problem.

How to Take Windows 10 System Image Backup Step by Step Guide

Time Needed : 10 minutes

To clarify that when taking backup of your Windows 10 image you should take a lock at the drive. You can choose a server to take backup but it's very complicated. So, the fast and the easiest way is to select any removable drive like Pendrive. So, let's take the Windows 10 image backup.

  1. Firstly, click on the windows icon in the left bottom corner.

    Then you will see all your installed apps.click on windows logo

  2. Type control panel in the search bar

    When you see the control panel icon hit on enter.search for control panel

  3. On the lot right corner search for backup

    After that click on Backup and Restore (Windows 7)type backup on the search bar

  4. Click on “create a system image”

    Now, you can see some options to take Windows 10 system image.click on create a system image

  5. Then it should ask you where you want to save the backup

    It's recommended to select a removable disk like your Pendrive that you can take it to a secure place.
    And after that, click on Next 
    Tips: Don't forget to clear everything on your removable drive by formatting it.it ask for where you want to save this backup

  6. Select which drive you want to include in the backup

    If you think that F drive is very very important and you have some documents in it then check mark on it.you can also select any drive you want to take backup

  7. Now it says to confirm your image backup

    Just click on start backup.
    All things are done. Now it should a certain period and you successfully created your first Windows 10 system image backup. How cool is that??click on troubleshoot option2

  8. How to create a system repair disk on windows 10

    To create a system image repair disk follow these two steps.search for control panel

  9. Open the control panel and search for backup.

    Click on the backup and restore (windows 7)type backup on the search bar

  10. Finishing this click on create a system repair disk.

    Simply click on it and select your drive. 
    Tips: Don't forget to insert or connect a CD/ DVD drive.
    And click on create disk.
    Wait a few minutes. Now, it's ready.you can also create a system repair

  • System Image Backup Tool
  • Windows Computer or Laptop

After creating windows 10 system image and creating a system repair disk. Now it’s time to restore it to ensure it works fine.

Think that your computer hardware has defected or you face any software issues as a result you want to regain your previous system.

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To do this follow these steps.

How to Restore the Complete System

If you face hardware problems or software issues mean your computer won’t boot up properly you can restore your previous system image very simply.

  1. Firstly, you have to connect your backup drive with your computer.

Which drive you have taken backup.

  1. Also, connect windows 10 USB bootable drive.

On the other hand, you may also connect the disk containing the system repair files.

  1. Now, just simply start your Device
after going to settings recovery now click on restart  | Windows 10 System Image Backup

Click on the BIOS key of your computer or laptop. You may know it from your manufacturer’s website. After clicking on the BIOS key you see that windows 10 setup wizard

If you don’t see the setup wizard then you have to configure some settings in BIOS. Let me know in the comment section if you want to learn more detail about it.

  1. On the “Setup wizard” 

Select preferred language and time zone and click on next.

select your language and click on start | Windows 10 System Image Backup
  1. After that click on repair your computer options.
now click on windows 10  | Windows 10 System Image Backup

On the left bottom corner. 

  1. Then you will see 3 options.
click on troubleshoot option

Just click on Troubleshoot.

  1. Next click on system image recovery.
then click on system image | Windows 10 System Image Backup

Now you will see your operating system version

  1. Click on Windows 10 
now click on windows 10

Then it shows an interface like this. Called Re- image your computer.

choose the latest image option | Windows 10 System Image Backup
  1. On this page select your latest backup file

Or you can also select which of your copy you want to install. Selecting this simply click on next.

  1. If you restoring the backup in a new hard drive.
you can click on formart and recreate partition if you want then click on next

Checkmark on Format and repatriation disk option. Then click on next.

  1. At last, click on finish.
at last click on finish | Windows 10 System Image Backup

After this, the restoring process will be started and it will take while according to your computer configuration and data size.

During this process make sure that you connect your laptop to a power source and if you use pc make a battery backup option or IPS to avoid interruptions.

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When the whole process is finished and your PC successfully boot up then go to settings update your windows version. That’s it.

Congratulations, you just regain your previous system again.


In conclusion, I want to tell you that you should create a regular backup if you don’t want to lose your personal files and your system. 

I hope you like my work “Take Windows 10 System Image Backup | Not to Repent | Here’s Why”

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