10,000 Wi-Fi hotspot in Bangladesh Facebook and Robi drop a plan to do it.Robi axiata and Facebook recently has made a plan to give 10,000 free hotspots in remote areas.

They will give this free hotspot for the educational purpose of rural areas. 

Robi axiata and Facebook will do the work by contacting the local internet providers. 

It will bring a new chance to poor people to grow up and prove their worth.

Facebook is doing great work by providing free Wi-Fi access to the poor people in many countries like Asia Africa South Africa etc.

10,000 Wi-Fi hotspot in Bangladesh by Facebook and Robi

Wi-Fi hotspot in Bangladesh

At present, Facebook has made a partnership with Robi axiata.

That means the internet will be more affordable and reliable for poor people.

Facebook and Robi axiata made the proposal to the Telecom minister of Bangladesh.

This will make rural people’s life easier. They also get an opportunity from this. The children will get the opportunity to study properly. 

As a result, lifestyle will be better. 

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Robi axiata and Facebook will bring new technology which is Link3. Link3 will be their partner.

The government of Bangladesh has given permission to do this. Because it will bring new changes to the life of the people where there is no internet access or anything. 

For this great work, these people will get the opportunity to do online work.

What do you think about this work? Will it be really e good for us or not? Let me know your opinion in the comment section. 

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