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Proven ways to enable Whatsapp dark mode in Android. Let’s know in the post how to enable Whatsapp dark mode.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps at present. Every day millions of people use WhatsApp.

Almost every social media app has a system-wide dark mode. But WhatsApp had not the features.

A few days ago WhatsApp releases a beta version of WhatsApp which is version 2.20.13 beta.

In this post, I will share with you how to turn on this amazing feature of whatsapp. So, let’s begin.

The Proven Ways To Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode in 2020

If you are using Whatsapp then you will see there is no dark mode feature on WhatsApp.

You have to manually turn on the feature. To turn on this feature you have to download and install Whatsapp beta version.

But unfortunately, if you search WhatsApp in the play store then you will see the beta program is full.

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Follow These Steps To Turn On Whatsapp Dark Mode

  • Download WhatsApp beta program version 2.20.13 beta. Click here to download
  • Install this WhatsApp application.
  • After installing open WhatsApp
  • Go to settings
click setting on the whatsapp
  • Click on chats
click chat option
  • Then click on the theme
select theme option

Or settings<chats<theme

Congratulations you successfully turn on dark mode.

turn on dark mode

Then you can select System default<Dark<Light

Description Of Whatsapp Dark Mode Options

Here is a short description.

If your phone is running on Latest Android 10 then here is a trick for you.

System Default: Select this option to use dark mode automatically when you turn on dark mode in your phone’s settings. { Android 10}

Light: This the old WhatsApp feature.

Dark: Turn on this feature to use dark mode.


So, to use it you just have to download whatsapp beta version 2.20.13 or later. And install it. Turn on dark mode form settings.

Do you know others WhatsApp tricks then let me know in the comment section?

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