WhatsApp Adds Search Feature to Determine Any Viral Misinformation

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WhatsApp is bringing a new feature so that you can know how true or false a viral message is. There are some people who forward different types of messages to everyone but do not see how true it is. As a result, many believe the wrong information or misinformation.

But recently WhatsApp has added a great feature. This will make it easier for you to know how true a message that has gone viral to you. This is especially important now that the spread of the coronavirus is on the rise. Some dishonest people are spreading false news which is creating panic in the minds of people. Again, many have given the wrong treatment.

Nowadays in the age of the internet, it does not take time to read any news. But we should all think about one thing first, whether the news is true or not. There are many who share this news on social media without judging all this and create confusion among all.

But hopefully, this new feature of WhatsApp will save a lot from all these confusions. Let’s take a look at how this new feature of WhatsApp works.

Suppose you have a message that has been forwarded to many people. This means that this message has come to you through a chain. In this case, WhatsApp itself will give you suggestions to verify its authenticity. It will look like a search icon next to the forwarded message.

As soon as you click on it, it will search the internet through WhatsApp browser and you can easily decide from this result whether the news is actually true or not.

WhatsApp also confirmed that WhatsApp never reads all these messages. Instead, search by informing the browser directly about this message. So in this case there is no problem with privacy.

So judging by all this, WhatsApp has really come up with a great feature for the users. And I personally like it too. So WhatsApp is a big thumbs up.

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