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Do you have a Windows 10 device? And worried about what kind of app you need to install on your new device? Then this article is for you. In this article, I will talk about the top 10 must have programs for windows 10. These 10 apps are going to be very useful for your new device. Because these apps will help you a lot with how to keep your Windows 10 running smoothly and secure.

In this article, I will talk about all kinds of apps from security to entertainment and connectivity for your new Windows device. This article is going to be very interesting for you. So let’s start without delay.

List of The Top 10 Must Have Programs for Windows 10

  1. LastPass – For Password Manager
  2. Internet Download Manager – IDM
  3. VLC Media Player
  4. Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere Pro – Photo and Video Editing
  5. Microsoft To Do
  6. Microsoft Office
  7. Your Phone
  8. File Converter
  9. Google Chrome / Firefox – Web Browser
  10. VPN

LastPass – For Password Manager

Not to mention, this app is one of the most useful apps. Because nowadays nothing can be done without the internet. So, we need to always use the internet to stay connected to the world and also need to browse many websites.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – LastPass – For Password Manager

But at the same time, online crime i.e. cybercrime has increased. Every time you watch the news on news channels and Facebook, all the information of a prominent person has been hacked. Also, you see the bank account has been hacked and the money has been taken. How many more such news correspondents can be seen on the internet.

One of the reasons for all these problems is to stay connected to the growing Internet. And we’re constantly signing up on different websites. There are many of us who use very poor quality passwords. Again, there are many who use very strong passwords.

However, there is no substitute for using strong passwords to secure our online travel. But we all face a common problem is to keep all these passwords in a safe place.

But did you know you have an excellent app as a solution to this problem? Which you can use for any of your devices. You can use these same apps on your smartphone and your Windows computer at the same time. This will allow all your passwords to be stored to the same account and you will have quick access to your passwords. Yes, this app is LastPass.

One of the features of this app is that it keeps your passwords encrypted and also suggests secure passwords. So don’t delay, install this app now on your Windows computer, smartphone, tablet, and solve the problem of forgetting the password.

Internet Download Manager – IDM

We download a lot of necessary files from the internet all the time. And we often do this with the help of browsers but no web browser gives you all the benefits that IDM gives you. IDM will greatly assist me in organizing your downloads.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – Internet Download Manager – IDM

You have often noticed that your downloaded file has stopped. When you let the file resume, it starts downloading again from the beginning. And if you have downloaded all this with data of your mobile, then there is a chance of data loss.

But if you use IDM, you can easily avoid such problems.

Because this download manager makes multiple requests to the server for different parts of your file which makes your download much faster. Moreover, it allows you to easily stop, restart, pause, and resume the download file.

Moreover, with the help of this download manager, you can download any kind of media and files from any website.

VLC Media Player

We spend a part of the day watching various entertaining videos or movies. All these videos reduce our stress a lot and help us to feel relaxed. So, when it comes to playing any audio or video, you need a great video player.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – VLC Media Player

Although almost all computers have their default video player. But they do not have all the features you need. So, if you are thinking of an advanced audio or video player then this is the best option for you.

You can also create a playlist of all your favorite music with this media player. And you can easily listen to your favorite music.

Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere Pro – Photo and Video Editing

Almost everyone likes to take pictures and edit. So, for small editing you need the best photo or video editor for Windows 10. Such as giving or giving effects to a picture, etc. So I think Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro are going to be the best option for you to edit your image a little better.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premiere Pro

Windows also comes with a default photo editing software that is very useful. But if you want to do advanced video or photo editing, you can use this software.

But there is another thing to talk about. That is, if your Windows device is of low configuration, it is better not to install such heavy software. You can use Camtasia as an alternative. And you can use the default app provided by Windows as audio editing software.

Microsoft To Do

This app is for you if you want to stay productive all day and get your work done. If you are a student or a blogger then this app will be especially helpful for you.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – Microsoft To Do

We often forget our important work due to our busy schedule. And at the end of the day, we missed doing important things. But now you can solve such problems with the help of this app.

In this Microsoft app, you can list tasks for the day and set reminders for each task. This app will remind you if you have a schedule for a specific important task at a specific time of the day. Moreover, you can use it in more different tasks in your daily life.

Microsoft Office

Most Windows computers today come with Microsoft Office by Microsoft. And how useful these programs are for your computer. People from all walks of life need it.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – Microsoft Office

You can use it to do all the office work, create presentations, database management, spreadsheet management, email and calendar management, sir note-making, and many more.

Your Phone

This program from Microsoft can be very useful for you. The job of this app is to keep your Windows 10 device connected to your mobile. Suppose you are working on your desktop and your phone is constantly receiving notifications from various apps.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – Your Phone

And you have to repeatedly check those notifications with your phone. And it hinders a lot of time in your work.

This Microsoft app has solved all these problems. All you have to do is install the same apps on your smartphone and log in to your Windows 10 and smartphone with the same Microsoft account.

Then you can see all the notifications of your mobile on your desktop. This will save you a lot of time. Moreover, with the help of the app, you can receive mobile calls from your desktop.

File Converter

It is often necessary to convert different files. For example, converting a document format to PDF or converting a JPG photo to PNG. For all these minor tasks you have to rush a lot when you need to. So, install such a software as you need.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – File Converter

Google Chrome / Firefox – Web Browser

To browse the internet, we must use a browser. Most computers have Google Chrome or Firefox installed. But if you do not have these apps installed, you can. Google Chrome and Firefox are the best apps for browsing. Even if Microsoft Edge is the default on Windows computers, you will get a lot more benefits from Google Chrome and Firefox.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – Google Chrome / FireFox


Maintaining privacy while using the internet is a very important task. Because you see many scammers on various websites scattered on the internet to deceive you. VPN app is known as Virtual Private Network.

Image Credit: TechNewsAL – VPN

This app will keep your website browsing safe. And no hacker can steal any information from your device with the help of public wifi. Moreover, it is better not to use any public WiFi. Moreover, VPN apps will also give you access to get access to region-restricted websites. These are one of the top 10 must have programs for windows 10.

Hopefully, this Top 10 Must Have Programs for Windows 10 will help you a lot in using a computer in your daily life and keep you productive. And if you think there are any apps that we should all use, don’t forget to comment.



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