7 Things Nobody Told You About Ok Google Ok Google

If you want to send commands to your phone by ok Google ok Google then the article is for you. By saying ok Google ok Google on your phone you can do various things like you can ask ok Google what about today’s weather.


Hey, Google Assistant will answer you prettily. Moreover, you can get various benefits from Google assistant. So if you want to know what are the most popular things you can do with a Google Assistant then please read this article.
Ok Google Ok Google.



Google is one of the most popular software company in the world. There is nobody who doesn’t know about Google. And you hardly find anybody doesn’t know about Google assistant. Do you Know the concept of Huawei Triple Camera.


but they don’t know I have to use Google Assistant effectively and use it in your personal life to make our life easier smarter and better than before. Secure your phone from virus. Best antivirus for your phone.
Best Rom for your phone.
Ok Google Ok Google.


To make your life is smarter Google assistant will help you. Ok Google ok Google is the most popular command to turn on your Google Assistant from anywhere of your screen. Find Restaurants With Free WiFi near you.


Today in this post I will share how Google assistant help you throughout your day if you say ok Google ok Google then you Google Assistant will be ready to assist you. Make images to video for Facebook.


After reading this post I am sure you will get a little bit of help to make you smarter.


So please keep reading this article. You can also automate your Android phone.


Main part


Google assistant is a product of Google that is created to assist you by following is command ok Google ok Google. With messenger Gmail also bring some cool new features.


Please don’t worry you don’t have to say it twice or thrice you just have to say ok Google for one time then your Google Assistant will come to help you. The big news Android Pie and dark mode is now available on Redmi Note 5.


A lot of things you can do with Google assistant I don’t know what is the particular features or command that I tell you. But I will try to my level best to provide you with the most popular command of Google assistant. Play game with google stadia, a virtual space.


Google Assistant provides a lot of commands by which you can do lot of things. Just like your phone will be the perfect assistant that will tell you everything that you want to know. The sad news for Myspace user because Myspace has losses 12 years of data.


Today in this post I will share how to turn on ok Google on your Android smartphone and how to use it and which, you must need. Good news for messenger user threaded reply is now available on messenger.


Turn on ok Google ok Google


To turn on Google assistant on your Android smartphone you just have to do some following settings and that’s I really easy. Easily control your phone with your phone best remote app.


To turn on ok Google



  • Firstly, you have to open your Google app.

    Ok Google Ok Google.


  • After opening Google app go to settings.

    Ok Google Ok Google.


  • Then you will see the voice option.

    Ok Google Ok Google.


  • After clicking the voice match.

    Ok Google Ok Google.


  • You will have to set up your voice.

    Ok Google Ok Google.


  • Then under the settings, you will see access with voice match.


Now you are done. And you Google assistant is ready to assist you anywhere from your screen. Just you have to do say ok Google then your Google Assistant will be happy your on your screen. Do you know xiaomi adds in display fingerprint scanner on coming Mi A3 and 3 Lite.



How to start a voice search


You can do voice search in two ways. The first way is from your home screen Google voice option. That means on your home screen you will see Google search widgets and you will also see in the right side a voice icon.


From your home screen voice icon.


Just click on voice icon and you will see your Google assistant open up then you will have to input your voice and that word which you want to search. Xiaomi mint launcher is the best launcher for Redmi Go.


By your Google assistant


The second way is by tapping your home button a few seconds then you will see Google assistant you can up. Then you have to say if you want to search for.


And that’s pretty simple. Isn’t it?


I am sure this method is the best method to search for anything instead of going to your browser and type your search. Is your Facebook password secure? About 600 millions of password exposed internally.


You have to change your OK Google settings


Google Assistant settings are different in particular versions. If you use old version then your Google Assistant will be different from the present version. But if you use the present and latest version then you will see all the features.


You can change your settings when you say ok Google


Access with voice match or from any screen
If your screen is on or while you charge your phone then if you say ok Google then your phone will respond. Best command of Google Assistant to make your life easier.


While driving
You can use ok Google In your Google maps.


Always on
If you turn on the settings you Google Assistant will whenever in front of you whenever you say ok Google. Google Doodles Are now available on pixel home screen search bar.


The second option is when your screen is off
You can do a few things when your screen is off.


Unlock with voice match
If you turn on the settings then your phone will be unlocked by your voice. It means if you turn on your display and it is locked then you will say ok Google and you will see your phone is unlocked. 5 best translation apps for your phone.


Personal results
If you turn on the settings then you will see limited things in your lock screen.


The next setting is the voice model


Retrain your voice model
You will see to option under the settings. The first thing is to retrain your voice model it means if you click on the settings then you will see if voice input option then you have to input your new voice. Make workout at home Without these workout apps.
Ok Google Ok Google.


Under the settings, you can update your voice call you can also add your father mother and sisters voice too.


Delete your voice model
In this settings, you can delete your voice model if it is not properly you can easily delete your voice and enter new voice by deleting your old voice model. Get SMS notification on pc from your phone.

How to fix your ok Google ok google

In case you ok Google is not working then you will have to do something.


First of all, you have to keep in mind that OK Google or Google assistant is available on a marshmallow or on higher version like Android nougat, Android Oreo, Android pie or in the latest Android q.


Then you have to see that your Google application is up to date. If your Google application is not updated then you will get some problem with it.


Then you will I have to see that you will give all permissions of Google application like a microphone.


Some most popular Google commands

This is the time to say what things you can do with Google assistant. And how you will be helped by Google assistant.


Accounts and privacy commons


You will give some commands to Google assistant. And with your command, Google Assistant will show you the result.



  • If you want to change your account settings then you will have to say open Google account settings.
  • If you want to see your search history then you will have to say show my Google search history.
  • To change your privacy settings say to adjust my Google privacy settings.
  • To change security settings say to adjust my Google security settings

You can use these commands to control your Google assistant.
Alarms calendar reminders and input settings and command


You can do various types of things by saying some simple commands and you will be astonished how you make your life and your work easier.



  • To set an alarm you have to say “ok Google, set an alarm”.
  • You can also say ok Google set an alarm tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.
  • To set a reminder say OK Google set a reminder.
  • You can also say ok Google remind me to read at 9:00 p.m.
  • Or remind me to buy a pen at 10:00 a.m.
  • You can also say ok Google remind that my pen drive is in my study table dryer.
  • It will be the best command if you forget things like me. Such as ok Google remind that my watch is in my bed.
  • Then if you have not reminded that where is your watch just ask Google hey Google what did I say you about my watch.
  • What you can say where is my watch.
  • To see your SMS say ok Google show me my messages.
  • How to send the message ok Google send an SMS to my mother that I am good.
  • To create a calendar event say ok Google create a calendar event for my mother’s birthday.
  • To check schedule say ok Google what does my day look like tomorrow.


Don’t go away I will also share various things. You can try later. ok?
Settings about communicate with friends and family


You will be happy to know to get Google Assistant will tell you to call your friends and family. You don’t have to search for your desired contact and then selected a SIM and lastly call.


Your Google assistant can do it smartly. Just follow these simple commands



  • To call please say ok Google call my mum.
  • To send SMS to say ok Google text mum that I am coming.
  • You can also use Hangouts.
  • To check your voicemail say ok Google dial voicemail.
Ok Google Ok Google.


You can also do many things without Google assistant. I only say most popular and mostly used comment if you are creative then you will also do many things with your Google assistant.
Commands about entertainment music movies TV and images



  • To play music say ok Google play music.
  • You can also say play Arijit Singh song.
  • To watch a movie say ok Google watch frozen
  • To watch TV shows say OK Google what’s on TV
  • To read a book say ok Google read ender’s game.
  • To search your Images say ok Google show me my sister’s photo.
  • You can also say show me my selfies
  • To take a photo hot video say ok Google take a selfie
  • Or ok Google take a


You can also do various things by your commands.
Direction and travel command


OK, when you are driving then you can’t control your phone and use maps application. Set Google Assistant will ready to help you in you are driving.



  • To get the direction you can say hey Google navigate to home.
  • To find nearby places say hey Google where is the closest hotel.
  • To plan a trip say ok Google what are some attractions in Bangladesh.
  • Find a hotel where is my hotel
  • To book a table say book a table for 5 at Chuadanga


You can also say some more commands.
Commons about facts and quick answers


Google assistant is an all-rounder application. It will help you to get quick answers.



  • To see time anywhere in the world say OK Google what is the time in America
  • To check weather say what is about today’s weather.
  • Get answers to say ok Google when Bangladesh got independence.
  • Calculator tip says ok Google what’s the tip for $15.
  • Translate and sentences in any language say ok Google I am fine translate into Spanish.
  • To solve mathematical problems what’s the square root of 64
  • To open an app say ok Google open Facebook


Moreover, you can do many things.


Ok Google Ok Google.


Commands to change your device settings


You can also control your phone by Google Assistant say ok Google ok Google.
To turn on Wi-Fi say OK Google turn on Wi-Fi
Or you can also say OK Google turn off Wi-Fi
Turn on Bluetooth say OK Google turn on Bluetooth
To turn on your flashlight say OK Google turn on the flashlight.


You can do a lot of things also by Google assistant in single command ok Google ok Google.
Google assistant is available in some particular languages such as the United States United Kingdom, Australia, island, Singapore, India South Africa et cetera.




I am summarising the whole post if you want to access your Google Assistant then at first turn it on. Indian open up your Google Assistant by saying ok Google ok Google. And use your Google assistant.


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