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In this article, I will show you how to play youtube in background in your smartphone.

Today all are searching for amazing videos to entertain ourselves. Every day we are listening to many kinds of music.

YouTube the replacement of TV on the internet. YouTube’s most popular video-sharing website in the world. There are a lot of hours of videos on YouTube.

youtube-videos-converter- and-downloder

Moreover, it is easy to search for everything on YouTube you search on YouTube like tutorials TV shows dramas any educational videos and entertaining videos. 

Sometimes we search for music and other content that is not necessary to watch.

But there is no way to play YouTube videos in background. 

Why you should play YouTube videos in background?

Think you are busy doing work and you want to refresh your mind by listening to music or anything.

In this case, you open YouTube and search for your personalized music.

But you can’t minimize the YouTube app because if you minimize or cut the YouTube app then your video will be stopped. 

But there are a few ways to play youtube videos in the background.

Today in this post I will share some basic types of steps you can and do to listen to YouTube in background. 

YouTube videos in background

In this article, I will give you a free guide to play YouTube in background in your smartphones like Android and iOS.

In this post, I will talk with you two different ways. The first one is obviously a free method and the second one will be the paid method.

So let’s start. 

Top 5 Tips How to play YouTube in background both on android

There are several ways how to play YouTube in background.

  • By using the browser
  • YouTube vanced app
  • YouTube video player by the picture in picture mode in Android Oreo
  • Play YouTube video background by popup video app
  • At last buy YouTube premium Android and iOS.

So, let’s describe this method briefly. 

Play YouTube videos background by browser

If you are an android and IOS user then open up your browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Go to and search for your preferred videos or music. 

You are ready to rock YouTube background. Here is the step by step guide to play YouTube videos in background by the browser.

  • Open your preferable browser like chrome Firefox Safari.
Open Chrome
  • Type in your browser address bar.
go to youtube official website play youtube in background
  • Search for your preferred music.
search for your prefered music
  • Next, go to the desktop version. 
play youtube in background then click on the 3 dot button
  • Play the video.
go to dextop version
  • After that hit the home button.
now your music is playing in background

Now you will be able to play YouTube in background.

The easiest and perfect way how to play YouTube in background

If you are a normal Android or iOS user then you don’t have to worry about it. This is one of the most preferable YouTube video player application.

If you are a normal man and don’t want to to do any tricks to play YouTube in background then this method is only for you.

Guides to use YouTube Vanced app in Android

At first download YouTube, vanced app bye Googling.

Don’t worry I will give this link here. 

After downloading this app just install this app and use it. You will say this player is playing YouTube videos in background also in picture in picture mode if you are Android Oreo or UP level user.

You can also do many customizations by changing this application setting.

If you want then I will make another blog post about this topic.

So let me know the comment section which is your choice.

YouTube Vanced Download (Not-Root)

Download YouTube Vanced (Root)

MicroG For YouTube Vanced

Hello, remember one thing. 

YouTube vanced is available for both Android and iOS. Both for the root or non-root user.

If you are a non-root user then you will have to download this YouTube vanced app. 

And if you are a root user then download this app.

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Follow these steps to use Vanced

  • Open youtube Vanced app
play youtube in background open youtube vanced app
  • Search for your favorite videos
Search for your videos
  • Open the video
Play the videos to play youtube in background
  • After that tap on the home button or close the app.
a floating player is appearin

Now you can see your video is play in the background and a small floating player also appear on the screen.

After downloading this app you have to download another app to sign in with Google account. 

If you are a non-root user then follow this process. Download microg for YouTube vanced app in Android.

Open YouTube vanced app and tap on the sign in button. after clicking this button you will be able to sign in with your existing Google account.

So the reminder is if you do not install MicroG then you will not be able to sign in to your Google account.

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So, my recommendation is if you want to get full enjoyment then install MicroG.

YouTube video player picture in picture mode on Android Oreo

If your phone’s Android version is Android Oreo or upper level then there is a super amazing where to play YouTube videos in background.

  • The first step is to open up your favorite browser and go to
go to youtube official website
  • Search for your desired videos.
  • Turn on desktop mode. 
go to dextop version to play youtube in background
  • Tap on the home button.
a floating player is appearing of youtube in background

Now you will see YouTube videos is playing in background also a small screen will appear on the main screen.

How about this trick? Let me know by commenting.

Then let’s go to the next method to play YouTube videos in background.

YouTube video player application for Android and iOS.

There are few small apps in the play store that will help you to play YouTube in background. Air is one of the most popular YouTube video player uh applications. 

Click here to download

YouTube music application to play YouTube in background.

Recently YouTube also launched a music website. This is YouTube music.

This website and application are only made for listening to music and podcasts and other things.

But it is only available in the USA so don’t expect to get this in our country.

This is a paid method and here you will find the latest amazing videos and music.

Buy YouTube premium Android and iOS

If you have a little money then you could enjoy the most wanted feature of the youtube app. So, without any delay Buy youtube premium now.

So, now this is a joke time. 😎😎

How do the trees get on the internet? They log on. 🤣🤣😂😂😆😆

Guys, how is it? Also, let me know your joke in the comment section.


I don’t want to increase this article anymore. I hope you you understood my tips and tricks to play YouTube videos in background. 

Moreover, if you know any other method of playing YouTube videos in the background, please comment.

I will not believe and if you love me then please please let me know your opinion in the comment section.

So, talk with you in the next article. You can also comment on which topic you want to know from me.

At last, share this post with your friends if you believe sharing is caring.

Thank you so much for reading this article and giving your precious time.

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