11 Myths About Pixel Experience Mido Of Redmi Note 4

No. 1 mobile in the world is Redmi Note 4 with pixel experience mido rom. Also the best rom for Redmi Note 4 will be pixel experience mido. Redmi note 4 is the most popular phone in the whole world. Also, it is the most selling phone ever.
pixel experience mido
Xiaomi is growing very fast in the current world. Because of some special features, Xiaomi has become so popular the world.



The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 was published in 2016. But still, in 2019 it is recognized as the best flagship phone. 2 things you must know Google foldable phones.


But from the publishing date to today it is nearly about 3 years have passed. But is as good as it was before. Do you Know the concept of Huawei Triple Camera.


But since it was published in 2016, spending 3 years with the same UI and rom is boring. We want to make some changes in our Redmi note 4.


So, if we want to make some changes our Redmi Note 4 we have to choose the best perfect rom for it. Secure your phone from virus. Best antivirus for your phone.


There are many kinds of rom in the market of the Internet. But if you are a normal user, normally you don’t know about these roms which one is the best.


Main Part


Today in this post I will share the best pixel experience mido rom for Redmi note 4.


If you don’t have Redmi note 4, don’t worry. There are many developers in the world. There are trying to build the best rom for you. Best Rom for your phone.
pixel experience mido


Also, they try to give you the best performance. So, among them, pixel experience mido is the best rom for Redmi note 4 or other Xiaomi phones.


What is custom rom?


Almost every popular has custom rom. Rom means a kind of software. There are two kinds of software.


Application software
Operating system software


Application Software: The application which we use normally in our day to day life is called application software. Such as messenger, whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Operating System Software:  It is the software which operates the pc or phone. If we turned on our phone for the first time we see a UI (User Interface) for which software is it possible was the operating system software. Find Restaurants With Free WiFi near you.


There are many kinds of operating software in the world. Such as DOS( Disk Operating Software), Windows and Android etc.
pixel experience mido


Windows is the most used operating system software. And Android is the operating system software of mobile phone or smartphone. Make images to video for Facebook.

There are a few kinds of custom rom. Such as Linage OS, revenge os, pixel experience mido etc.


Among them, pixel experience mido will be the best rom for you.


11 Myths About Pixel Experience Mido


  • The best performance rom
  • The most stable rom
  • Included gapps ( Google apps)
  • Everything works so fine
  • G- cam is the default app
  • Face unlock
  • Smart look
  • Digital well being
  • App timer
  • Best camera performance
  • Every thing is super gorgeous ( no ads)


I will tell you everything about pixel experience mido in this post. Really worth it? Is it really better than MIUI? You can also automate your Android phone.


I will explain everything in detail. Firstly I will clearly tell you that if you want to customize your phone with various types of them.


And want to have many many features in your phone and don’t care the speed of your phone and don’t feel any trouble with ads and regular weekly update.The big news Android Pie and dark mode is now available on Redmi Note 5.


You should stick with MIUI. Because MIUI is one of the best customizable rom for your phone. MIUI jas two kinds of roms


  • Beta rom weekly
  • Stable rom


Beta rom is an unofficial rom which is still in testing. It is the previous version of stable rom because if the beta rom perform better then the developers include ot with stable rom.


Stable rom is the offcial MIUI rom. For your Xiaomi devices. It brings some changes to your previous rom. With messenger Gmail also bring some cool new features.


Pros and cons of pixel experience mido


There are some pros and cons of pixel experience mido.  Pixel Experience Mido is the most stable rom for the devices which give the user the best performance. Play game with google stadia, a virtual space.


11 Myths of pixel experience mido rom:


Pixel Experience Mido rom has created by best developers. The developers of the pixel experience rom creator still working for the best results.


  • The best performance rom
  • The most stable rom
  • Included gapps ( Google apps)
  • Everything works so fine
  • G- cam is the default app
  • Face unlock
  • Smart lock
  • Digital well being
  • App timer
  • Android Pie
  • Every thing is super gorgeous ( no ads)
The best performance


Is is not rocket fast like MIUI with so many bugs but it us pretty fast where you will hardly see any kinds of lag or bugs. But I am not saying that it has no bugs, it also has some bugs
pixel experience mido


But has less bugs than others rom including MIUI. You can easily use the pixel experience mido rom for your daily driver. The sad news for Myspace user because Myspace has losses 12 years of data.


The most stable rom


Stable means it has almost no bugs or zero bugs. But you know nothing is perfect. So, any where you go you will find trouble. Good news for messenger user threaded reply is now available on messenger.


But in pixel experience mido rom compare to other rom it is more stable than other. So, will find the best performance from your phone in this mido rom. Easily control your phone with your phone best remote app.


Installed Gapps


Gapps means google apps. Apps from google: are the best apps for your phone. It has installed Gapps because it is pixel experience rom. Or you can also say it is the copy of Google pixel phone. Do you know xiaomi adds in display fingerprint scanner on coming Mi A3 and 3 Lite.
pixel experience mido


In the first boot, you can see some basic types of Gapps. Like dialer, massage, photos, chrome, Gmail, FM radio etc.


User Interface ( UI)


I pretty like the user interface of the pixel experience rom. Because it has some default types of features.


It has an app drawer. To open app drawer you have to just swipe up in the display. After that, you will see an app drawer and really the app drawer is pretty cool.


The settings menu is also a topic. But can’t do any more customization like MIUI. Xiaomi mint launcher is the best launcher for Redmi Go.


pixel experience mido


G- Camera is default of pixel experience mido


If you are Xiaomi users you can’t use g cam in your devices. After all, you can do it by TWRP custom recovery.


But if you flash pixel experience mido rom in your phone, you will see the default camera of the phone is g cam.


You can take some amazing pictures with gcam. Moreover, gcam is obviously better than other cameras.


You can take some HDR+ photos, portrait shots, Len’s Blur and night mode shots.Is your Facebook password secure? About 600 millions of password exposed internally.


Face unlock features of pixel Experience mido rom


Xiaomi still has not given face unlock features in the redmi note 4. And there is no chance of it.


You can enable face unlock features by TWRP custom recovery.


But if are a pixel experience mido rom users you can enable it in your settings.


pixel experience mido


Just you have to go to settings~security~smart lock~face unlock.


Add your face correctly then enjoy your face unlock features. Best command of Google Assistant to make your life easier.


Smart lock features in Pixel Experience mido rom

In your phone, you can use smart lock features.


You can add your face, voice, trusted place, trusted devices etc.


You can use it to unlock your phone fast. Google Doodles Are now available on pixel home screen search bar.


Digital wellbeing features in Pixel Experience mido rom


Digital wellbeing is a feature that helps you to identify your smartphone usage. You can see how much you use your phone for the day. 5 best translation apps for your phone.
pixel experience mido


You can also check your app usage time. Then if you want to set a timer for a particular app. After the time that you set you can’t use the application.


You can manage your all apps and their activities from digital wellbeing.


In pixel experience mido rom you can see it. Make workout at home Without these workout apps.


Android Pie in pixel experience mido rom


In Redmi note 4 you can see your Android version is still nougat. But in pixel experience mido rom you can see your Android version is 9 which is the latest Android pie. Get SMS notification on pc from your phone.


No ads in pixel experience mido rom


Xiaomi is giving ads in its default application. It is too much boring and annoying. I don’t know what do you think about this?


But nobody loves ads. So, in the pixel experience mido rom you can’t see any kinds of ads in the default apps. A piece of great news you can shop from Instagram. Shop now button on Instagram.

pixel experience mido


What do think about it? Let me know in the comment section.




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