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Mcdonalds free wifi If you want to find Mcdonalds free wifi then you are in the right place. Today in this post I will share the best 7 apps to find free wifi less than ten minutes.

There are a few different ways to find free wifi near you. Let’s take a look at finding Mcdonalds free wifi.

Story of Mcdonalds Free Wifi

A few days ago I was sitting in a restaurant. Usually, I use mobile data to use the internet. But right at that time, I really needed the internet. I was thinking about what can I do. At that time, a notification was popped up on the phone. I was really glad to see that.

Restaurants With Free WiFi Near Me

Mcdonalds free wifi

I hope you already understand what I mean.

Introduction of Mcdonalds free wifi

Mobile data pack is getting cheaper but none is not as good as wifi. So, none can beat wifi. It gives the user unlimited internet access.

History of Mcdonalds free wifi

At 1st McDonalds free wifi charge $2.95 for every 2 hours. And in 2011 it becomes fully free for its users in the USA. Also, they told that it will be free at 11,500 places in their total locations which are nearly 14,000 in the USA.

How You can find Mcdonalds free wifi

To find their free wifi access you have to be within the range of McDonalds restaurants. Almost every places in the USA have McDonalds free wifi. So, you have high chance to find their free wifi access. On the other hand, there are some ways to find McDonalds free wifi.

  • Go to mcdonalds restaurants locator page and search for your city.
  • Or you can also use some free wifi finder apps instead which is completely free.

How to Connect with Mcdonalds free wifi

Here are some tips to connect with McDonalds free wifi. So that you can easily connect your android smartphone 📱 Computer 🖥 MacBook and iPhone.

The process is very easy as a result you don’t have to worry about it.

If you used wifi service before then you can connect with McDonalds free wifi in the same way.

Or if you not then follow my steps to connect

How to Connect with Mcdonalds free wifi on Android

  • In android open wifi settings
mcdonalds free wifi
McDonalds Free Wifi
  • Turn on Wifi
mcdonalds wifi
mcdonalds wifi
  • Click on the desired free wifi
Click on the desired free wifi
Click on the desired free wifi
  • Enjoy it

How to Connect with Mcdonalds free wifi on Windows Computer

  • Click on Wifi in the taskbar
How to Connect with Mcdonald's free wifi on Windows Computer
Click On the taskbar
  • Turn on wifi
Mcdonald's free wifi on Windows Computer
Search for wifi
  • Click o the McDonalds free wifi
Click o the McDonald’s free wifi
Click o the McDonalds free wifi

You can also do the same thing to connect McDonalds free wifi on your iPhone and MacBook.

You don’t have to worry about your data plan. So, you can see directly any cricket match without any hassle.

Though the mobile phone gives us the opportunity to find a restaurant with wifi near me. But it is not so strong.

The mobile WiFi manager gives you some basic types of features. Today I will share some mobile apps that will help you to find Mcdonalds free wifi and you.

Find Mcdonalds free wifi | Let’s talk about it 

Two ways to find Mcdonalds free wifi.

  • WiFi Finder App: There are a few Android and IOS apps that help you to find wifi.
  • Web Apps: You can easily find some best quality web apps to find free wifi near you.

Main Part

Let’s take a short look at these ways.

WiFi finder app to find Mcdonalds free wifi:

There are many apps that will help you to find McDonalds free wifi. Which is also popular to all.

A large number of people use them every day to do this. And you will be glad to know that it will take less than 10 minutes. 9 Best Ways How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10

So, you don’t have to worry about it. You have to install one app that you like most. And I will tell the pros and cons of every app.

Web apps are not an app like you use. It is a website that will help you to find McDonalds free WiFi near you. Facebook New Look In 2019 | Facebook Is Getting a New

Just you have to go to the websites and it will automatically show Mcdonalds free wifi.

Best 7 Apps To Find McDonalds free wifi

  • Avast Wi-Fi finder
  • Free wifi Map (Wimen)
  • Wi-Fi ma
  • WiFi Finder
  • WifiMapper
  • wifi Master key
  • Wefi
Restaurants With WiFi Near Me


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But it will suggest you many free WiFi points near you. It has come with built-in map features that will show you free WiFi points.

1. Avast WiFi finder

 is one of the best antivirus software for mobile and computer. But they have WiFi finder apps too.

It has some cool features like the Avast WiFi fonder app show you whether the connection is secure or not.

You can check the speed of the WiFi because it has the features “speed test”. So, you can check out which one is the fastest WiFi provider near you.

The app will rate each and every WiFi near you. And show you their database. YouTube TV Availability Has declared a Price Hike to $50/Month

You can easily save the WiFi connection

Avast Wi-Fi finder WiFi Near Me


point of the free wifi. The feature will need you when you go to other places or outside the country.

By using the app you can save it. The app is free to use but it shows ads but you can buy premium apps by get them paid


2. Free Wi-Fi map (wiman)

 It is popularly called wiman by many users and developers which is another best WiFi finder app.

It has come with an interactive map, best user interface, offline maps, speed test, and networking tools. The user interface of the wiman is really cool and it has the ability to share WiFi with the community.

Free Wi-Fi map (wiman)


The user can easily save and make a list of favorites and priorities WiFi lists.

The apps are free. But you can choose the paid version.


3. Wi-Fi map

Wifi map is the best app at the point of password-protected WiFi connection. It also shows you map with pictures.

It has a social network where people share the password of the wifi near you. How to Use Your Phone As a Google Security Key

The app claims it has a network of 100 million users.

It has come out with an interactive map that will show all wireless networks available near your area. It will show you the wireless network location with a distance below the map. Facebook Secret Tricks | Best 4 Facebook Tips In 2019

Wi-Fi map find free wifi

Wifi Map

maps work anywhere in the world. So, you don’t have to worry wherever you go. It works pretty much in Africa and Europe.

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So, you don’t have to ask anyone for their WiFi password again and again.

It will save WiFi connection in every city. So, your work will be more easily and you don’t need mobile data.

The app is free to use but will serve ads. You can easily remove ads for $1.99.


4. WiFi Finder

It is another best apps to find Mcdonalds free wifi.

WiFi Finder
Wifi Finder

Though it is a paid app it offers various kinds of free WiFi near you. Such as restaurants, cafeterias, offices, malls, and so many things.


5. WifiMapper

WifiMapper is the most popular apps to find Mcdonalds free wifi by the open signal. It will help you to identify WiFi hotspot near you. The 10 Tips: How to Update Gmail to New Look

If you are looking for more features the best app will be Open Signal. It will also locate the cell tower near you.

WifiMapper free wifi near me

Wifi Mapper

So, you can see where is the cell tower.

You can also download city maps and save them to use it offline. 11 Best IFTTT Applets to Automate Your Smartphone

You will be happy to hear that the app is free to use and it doesn’t show any ads. So, I will suggest you use it for the best results. 


6. Wi-Fi Master key

Wifi master key is also an app to find Mcdonalds free wifi. To use the app just click on the search button and after some time you will see a list of free wifi near you.

Wi-Fi Master key

Wi-Fi Master key

It also shows location within the glove. The app is secure to use. 


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7. Wefi



Mcdonalds free wifi

It is another free WiFi finder app. Both Android and iOS can use it. It offers a lot of  WiFi list near you. Android Pie And Dark Mode Are Now Available On Redmi Note

On the map, it will show you free wifi with location and distance.

The app is completely free and it doesn’t show ads.


Best Web Apps To find Mcdonalds Free WiFi

1.   If you are working on the computer or laptop and want to find Mcdonalds free wifi. It will be pretty easy to use web apps rather than your system native wifi manager.2.   WiFi space is one of the most popular web apps to find Mcdonalds free wifi. It has the features to identify every wireless network like is it personal, free or unknown. How To Make Image To Video By ImageToVideo

3.   The free WiFi color will be green and personal WiFi will be yellow and the unknown will be red.4. When you visit the site it will show a list of WiFi Near you. Moreover, you can search for cities.5.   It also has Android and iOS apps for free Google Stadia Will Help You To Stream Game

Pros And Cons Of Using Free Wifi
Benefits of Mcdonalds free wifi
  • Most telecommunication services don’t give the best quality of internet services. And there are some people who can’t afford 3G and 4G connection because they are very costly so it will be a great benefit
  • Student wants to learn more about everything. The students and others can greatly be helped by free wifi. They can take online learning and download e-book etc. The broadband connection gives a high-quality internet connection but it’s cheaper than 3G and 4G.
  • One doesn’t have to check their internet balance again and again. The Wi-Fi service provider gives them unlimited internet access to every user. And the speed of the internet connection is really good.
Positive Sides Of Free WiFi
  • The Internet is the largest place and here anyone can improve their knowledge and skills etc. So, it will be possible when we can get the best internet at Cheap price.
  • You have to always alert in the question of security of your free Wi-Fi provider. They can see information about you. So, don’t do any financial activities.
  • Don’t use free public wifi because at times it is not safe. There are a few pros and cons of using free Wi-Fi.

I will tell you about the bad effect of using free Wi-Fi. And the other side is good. The good side is obviously really good. Why Myspace losses 12 years of data?

The bad side is if you are connected with free Wi-Fi than don’t do this thing
Don’t log in to any personal platform

Because the Wi-Fi service provider or the owner of the Wi-Fi can connect your personal information.

Not only this they can do so many things. So, I want to tell you that I don’t log in any account using free Wi-Fi. Threaded Reply Is Now Available On Messenger

Don’t sign up for a new account

You are thinking is this really true. And the answer is yes, they are more clever than us.

The create a trap. And we are the victim of them.

So, don’t sign up for any new account using free Wi-Fi. Because it can take each and every information about this.

Your username and password will be visible to them. And that’s not fair. So, I will strictly forbid you to use it. 7 Best Free TV Remote App In 2019

Don’t Do Financial Activities On Mcdonalds free wifi

Today’s world is an advanced world. So, everything is possible.

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I Know A Story About It

Once a team of hackers wanted to loot all data from the people who were using free Wi-Fi.

And the possible thing is they use open Wi-Fi for it. There were a few businessmen. They call some of the people and told them to change their Bank password. Xiaomi Mint Launcher for Redmi Go Now Available On Play Store

They told them that they are the worker of this bank and their website was hacked, telling this they told them to change their password.


Then the people started to change their password. And the hacker easily collects all data from this.

Will will be happy to know that. It was a trail. And they were not a hacker.

Doing this they create awareness among people. And told them about the good and bad effects of using free Wi-Fi.

How was it?

So, if want to keep yourself safe and don’t want to give a hacker of your personal data Don’t do this thing. Secure your phone from the virus. About 600 Millions Of Facebook Passwords Exposed Internally


So, without doing any of this you can do anything. You can browse websites. Watching online TV, listening to music, etc.

Moreover, when lots of people use free Wi-Fi then the speed of the internet getting lower. So, it will angry you.

I hope you like this post “Best 7 Apps Mcdonalds free wifi In Less Than 10 Minutes” And what do you think about it? Let me know in the comment section.


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