How to Connect Android Phone to PC for Internet Via USB

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It’s very useful to connect android phone to pc for internet via USB when there’s no wifi or modem for your PC to get online. 

The easiest way to solve this problem is to use the tethering option which is built-in on an android smartphone. 

What Is USB Tethering on Android

Think that you are in a place where there’s no wifi and you need an internet connection for your computer or laptop. Giving your phone internet connection to pc is called tethering. 

Connect Android Phone to PC for Internet Via USB

Ways to Share Your Phone’s Internet Connection on PC or Laptop

On an android device, there are 3 different options to share your active internet connection to pc or laptop. They are:

  1. Connecting through Bluetooth
  2. USB tethering
  3. Turning on mobile hotspot

In these three options I will talk about no 2. the USB tethering options. I know that everyone knows how to use a mobile hotspot. But they don’t know that USB tethering is the best way to share your phone’s internet connection.

Why You Should Connect Android Phone to PC for Internet Via USB

The answer is so simple if you use USB tethering then your PC or laptop will get internet connection via wire and you know that it’s much better than a mobile hotspot. And of course, you will get better speed on USB tethering than mobile hotspot.

So, basically for these two options I think and believe USB tethering is the best.

  1. Better speed
  2. Battery optimization

As a result, I personally use USB tethering for internet connection.

So, now it’s time to show you how to do that. So let’s dig into it.

How to Connect Android Phone to PC for Internet Via USB

Time Needed : 5 minutes

To get your PC or laptop online via USB tethering to don't need to be a rocket scientist. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open your phone's settings

    Find the options “network and internetopen settings to turn on hotspot

  2. Tap on network and internet options

    Then click on Hotspot and tethering optionsHow to Connect Android Phone to PC for Internet Via USB

  3. Click on Hotspot and tethering options

    Here you will see three different options to share the internet. 
    Tip: Before turning on this option connect your phone to laptop or PC via USB on hotspot and tethering

  4. Turn on USB tethering options

    Now, your computer or laptop is online.turn on USB tethering option | How to Connect Android Phone to PC for Internet Via USB

  • Activate the Tethering Option
  • Android Smartphone

You will get a better internet connection and your phone’s battery will also not drain because it will be charging.

There are also two different options to share the phone’s internet connection via mobile hotspot or Bluetooth.

Editor’s Recommend

You can use your smartphone as a wifi router by turning on a mobile hotspot.

There are more settings on mobile hotspots such as user blocking etc. If you want a detailed article on this topic let me know in the comment section. I will make a detailed article on this topic.


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