2 Things You Must Know About Google Foldable Phone

Recently, Foldable phone has created Strom. In 2019 Google may also release Foldable Phone. Though Google has not declared anything about google foldable phone.

Google Foldable Phone


Some mobile manufacturer company already released some foldable phones like Samsung and huawei. Google also join this race.


Google will release some other type of foldable phones in 2019. It will not be similar to the other mobile manufacturer company like Samsung and Huawei.

So, we hope Google will not release any flat phones like Huawei. Instead, there’s a distance the two sides of the display. Microsoft surface book also looks like it.


Main Part


Today’s smartphone is not so thinner. But we can expect more from Google Foldable Phone. So, Google foldable phone will be thinner than any other phone in the market.


Moreover, thinner phones look great. That’s we expect from Google. Do you know xiaomi adds in display fingerprint scanner on coming Mi A3 and 3 Lite.
Google Foldable Phone


Google foldable phone


Though Google is not telling us the specific design of Google foldable phone. So, we could not tell you whether there will be any second or third screen etc.


But you have to keep it in mind that this is only a rumor of Google foldable phone. Xiaomi mint launcher is the best launcher for Redmi Go.

The concept of Google Foldable Phone

Today in this modern world everything is possible. Technology has improved a lot. With help the modern technology we can decorate our lives with the touch of technology. Is your Facebook password secure? About 600 millions of password exposed internally.


Many scientists have already said that one day man will be dominated by robots. Because at this time, everyone wants to create or discover many unknown things. Best command of Google Assistant to make your life easier.


We are creating every moment a new technology which we use in our day to day life. But we have to keep it in a limitation.


So, now we can see everyone has a computer and desktop. And all have their personal mobile phone. Google Doodles Are now available on pixel home screen search bar.


The Release date of Google foldable phone is not sure


Google doesn’t provide any additional information about its latest Google foldable phone.


But we expect Google will release its foldable phone very soon.


So, Google foldable phone will also bring a revolutionary change in our day to day lives. 5 best translation apps for your phone.


Moreover, we can see the latest Android version in the latest Google foldable phone which is Android Q. Make workout at home Without these workout apps.


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