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Google adds new Google Doodles on the latest pixel phones home screen search bar. Google Doodles is a very interesting feature of Google.


If you use Google every day will google image is changing every day. A piece of great news you can shop from Instagram. Ok Google Ok Google 7 Things Nobody Told You About


And it is really a cool feature. In the most popular event, it takes such type of logos. That reminds us what the day about. 7 Best Free TV Remote App In 2019

google Doodles

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Google is one of the most popular software companies in the world. Google Doodles was first debuted in 1998. In the browser, we can see it. How To Make Image To Video By ImageToVideo


Google Doodles Are Now Available On Pixel Home Screen Search Bar

Google Doodles Are Now Available On Pixel Home Screen Search Bar


But now it is available on Google Pixel phone. It is really very nice to see. The 10 Tips: How to Update Gmail to New Look


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Google Doodles are showing up on the Pixel home screen search bar


Before we could see a multi-color g logo. But now we can see Google Doodles on Google Pixel phone. 11 Best IFTTT Applets to Automate Your Smartphone


But if you don’t want it you can disable it in the settings. Just go to your launcher settings and then turn it off. Threaded Reply Is Now Available On Messenger



Google Doodles are the very nice features of Google. But now we can see it on our home screen search bar.
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