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Google has introduced us with a  new Google Assistant feature which is Google assistant read articles for you.

Google is working on this project. Currently, it is at the testing level. After publishing the project Google assistant will able to read articles 42 different languages for you.

Why Google Assistant Will Read Articles is one of the working features of Android?

Today we all are searching for different kinds of information on the web by Google. But the main problem is we have to read this article for a long time.

google assistant read articles

But don’t worry Google has brought a new feature like reading articles.

To read articles by Google assistant you have to do certain things. At first open your Google, chrome app and search for your article.

After that open, a webpage then asks Google Assistant by this command read it.

When It will be available for Android

Remember one thing this feature is still in beta mode. And we expect these will be available for every Android phone as soon as possible.

So to use this feature you have to wait for a certain time.


Google has not said anything when this feature will be available for Android devices. 

So read it feature is still classified under coming soon.

After opening a web is just you have to say “ok Google, Read it.

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