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If you want to know how to update Gmail to new look then please keep reading this article. In this article, I am going to share how to update Gmail to a new look.

Gmail is one of the most useful apps for us. Wei uses Gmail almost every day. Almost all of us have a Google account which is a Gmail account. 9 Best Ways How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10
If we create a single Gmail account then it was almost all Google products. Like, Google Drive, Google docs, Google photos, Google keep, blogger, etc. Restaurants With Free WiFi Near Me Best 7 Apps To Find


So, a simple account is very important to us. We have to use almost every day the Gmail application. There are a few people who has to check their Gmail application twice, thrice or even more in a day. Pixel 4 And 4 XL This Week’s Top Stories About:…


How to Update Gmail to New Look

But we have to use the one and only this email application which designs is very old.


Why not? Because Gmail isn’t updated its theme since 2011. So, almost 9 years we use old Gmail applications in our smartphone. Pixel Experience Mido Of Redmi Note 4 11 Myths About


But now Google has released a new version of the Gmail application. Which is very attractive to see. Because Google updates the theme of the Gmail application. Google updated the new material theme on the Gmail application. Best Antivirus For Android Smartphone In 2019 For You
Now Gmail application is updated on the web, Android and iOS.



In the updated version of the Gmail application, it works like previous but its design has brought a new look. It has added some brand new features that will make our life easier. Huawei Triple Camera That Will Make You Think Twice Future


Main part

Gmail is one of the most necessary applications for us. And recently Gmail updated with a new version to give new look.
Today in this article I am going to share ten new things that will make you the master of Gmail.
So, let’s get started.


How to update Gmail to the new look

  • Switch conversation view | update Gmail to the new look

You can say three different types of conversation view in the new Gmail application.

how to Gmail


In these three new conversation style, you can choose your preferred conversation view.

update Gmail


D3 conversation view is the default, comfortable and compact. In the default mode, it shows profile pictures, messages excerpts and provides shortcuts.


And in the comparable view, it is similar to the previous version. It shows the profile picture small excerpts and female titles.


In the contact view, you can see only e title of the email and email details.


  • To turn on this conversation view you have to go to Gmail settings
  • Then general settings

    how to Gmail to new look
  • Conversation list density
how to update new look

Select your favorite settings from here.

  • Get accustomed to the new layout | how to update Gmail to new look


In the new Gmail application, you can see some different kinds of the option. You can see this search option is now made a search bar on the top. Google Foldable Phone 2 Things You Must Know About


Account settings are now available on the home screen on the top right corner. In this corner, you can choose your Google account. You can also change your Google account or at a new Google account or manage Google account. WhatsApp Co-Founder Urges Users to Delete Facebook Why?
And email sent option has given at the bottom of the Gmail application.
And you can see the menu option on the top left corner.


  • Use confidential mode | how to update Gmail to new look
The confidential mode is one of the best features of the new Gmail application. It can help you to Google’s answer to the encrypted email services available online.


There are two different types of confidential mode one is standard mode and the second is SMS Passcode. How to backup WhatsApp iPhone Less than 5 Minutes Best 3…
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Standard mode helps you to disable the option to forward your email and delete automatically after a time such as 1 year. And after the time your email will be deleted password is not required.


In the SMS passcode, there is an optional security feature it sends a one-time password to the receiver. 10 Reasons Why My iPhone Is So Slow And Their…


  • Customize the swipe option ( Android)

    how to update gmail to new look 2018


You can select swipe action in your new Gmail application according to yourself. Google Gmail application has given some default action which is deleted, mark as read, archive, Read, unread or snooze


gmail new look 2019
You can select your option which you want to do by swiping left or right.


  • Swipe to change accounts( iOS) | Update Gmail to New Look
If you are an iPhone user then you can change your accounts by swing easily. If you have multiple accounts and you need to get access to all of your accounts then it will be the best features for you. Google Photos Backup 10 Amazing Hacks You Should Know
To change your accounts just you have to swipe your finger in your accounts.


  • Deal with emails in bulk

You can select your emails easily by clicking on the profile pictures.



You don’t need to tap and hold on the email which you want to select.


It is another of the best features of Gmail.


  • Snooze for later | Update Gmail to New Look

gmail updates
If you have not enough time to read the whole email and you think the email is important for you.
gmail app
In this situation, the snooze option will greatly help you. You can snooze your email for an hour and days for a week and months.


If it sends and reminds you about the email. And in your free time, you can read your email. Shop Now Button On Instagram Is So Famous, But Why?
How was that?
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  • Turn off the smart reply | Update Gmail to New Look

The smart reply is another feature of Gmail. Think your friends or your relatives send you an email and you can give them auto-reply.
gmail account update email


Like I am doing great. What about you? Or thanks for the tip etc.


But if you don’t want to give auto-reply from you then you can turn it off. Why Facebook Largest Size Has Become Its Greatest Problem?


To turn off this just go to settings and check your checkbox next to smart reply.


  • Mute annoying threads | Update Gmail to New Look

If your email address has brought to some dishonest people and they send you the annoying email.

how to update gmail to new look 2019


Then you can select this option to get rid of the problem.


You can simply mute your email from those emails where you received these annoying emails How to Receive SMS on PC Without Sell Phone 5 Best…
Then it will not disturb you.
  • Search Gmail like a pro
You can search your Gmail like a pro and you can now beat your friends, they don’t know it.
how to update Gmail to new look


You can learn these tips and impress your friends. 5 Best Gym Workout App to Get In Shape
To search all things just search in the search button with your words. But you can also filter your search like.
  • Filter using sender: From:
  • Using recipients: To:
  • Search in the subject: Subject:
  • Using multiple teams: OR
  • Search message with attachment: Has: attachment
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Now I am summarising the whole post. Today in this article we discussed the new Gmail look.


You can do various things in the Gmail App.

Which are giving here:

  • Use confidential mode
  • Switch conversation view
  • Mute annoying threads
  • Search Gmail like a pro
I hope you like our post The 10 Tips: How to Update Gmail to New Look”. If you Know any new settings or tips and if you have any questions or suggestions then please let me know in the comment section.
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Thank you so much for reading.

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