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Though I’m not a gamer, I felt thrilled when I play Games Like Stardew Valley. The games like stardew valley attract me a lot. It really helped me a lot to discover how much love I have for farming simulations as well as life simulations. It’s not good, it is the perfect game. So, Without any delay let’s dig into the article. 

Why Making So Late Play All These Games Like Stardew Valley?

We all are tired of doing our everyday work. And sometimes we really need to refresh our mind and refresh our brain. Because your brain is working and working with the same thing.

And suchlike a moment we try to make yourself happy by doing some funny task. Like you can play a funny game to cool your brain.

And in this case, you can play some really amazing games like Stardew Valley. Believe me, this game will give you great excitement. If you do not have much time and don’t want to read really amazing fun facts of games like Stardew Valley I suggest you go through the main part of this article (Using Table of Content)

The Fact Of Games Like Stardew Valley

The game is very simple and rewarding. And it is the main reason behind these games to be a great game for us. If you already have played this game then you know what the game it is like. Now it’s time to check out this amazing 23 games like Stardew Valley

List of the Best 23 Games Like Stardew Valley

  1. FarmVille
  2. Minecraft
  3. Farm for your life
  4. Moonlighter
  5. My Time at Portia
  6. Dragon Quest Builders
  7. Graveyard Keeper
  8. Robot Farm
  9. World’s Dawn
  10. Farm Together
  11. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
  12. Kynseed
  13. Farmers Dynasty
  14. Staxel
  15. Farming Simulator
  16. The Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
  17. Fantasy Life
  18. Voodoo Garden
  19. Don’t Starve Together
  20. Recettear
  21. Weapon Shop Fantasy
  22. Battle Brothers
  23. Force of Nature

Now let’s know deeply about these games like Stardew Valley that you can switch.

1. FarmVille | Games Like Stardew Valley

FarmVille is a game that helps players to cultivate their farms by harvesting, planting, and plowing. In this game, you can also take care of your animals. Such as you can collect eggs from your chickens and milking your cows.

FarmVille Games like| stardew Valley
580Image Source: Steam Via

Now it is a very popular game in the world and it has a lot of active users per month on Facebook. The most important social aspect of the game is in-game gifting your friends and cooperation by crafting jobs in the farmers market. 

As this game maintains all the good qualities that is why people say that Stardew Valley was created after FarmVille. So I and you can say that the Stardew Valley game has been inspired by this game.

Editors Recommended

2. Minecraft

You might hair the name of the most popular sandbox video game is Minecraft. This game is developed by Mojang. This game will attractive by several types of game modes. In this game, you can find five types of game modes like survival mode creative mode adventure mode. This is also a games like stardew valley.

Minecraft | games like stardew valley
Image Source: Steam Via

This is a multiplayer type game that means you can connect your friends and others while playing this game bye LAN play and servers. 

This game is not totally free of cost. But there is a wide range of content to make the player playing this game without any cost. 

The company will provide the latest update of this game in 2020 that will bring plenty of new features like dimension, news biomes, and mobs.

3. Farm For Your Life | Games Like Stardew Valley

If you are a farmer then what you do is your farm, grow your crops, take care of it, protect it from bad weather, and eventually sell it. 

Farm for your life
Image Source: Steam Via

And in this farming game, you can do all these above things. But doing all this is really boring. So, to attract you and not to feel boring this game has different types of genres. 

So, you will find many sequels and tasks in this game. Such as you may expand this game like a farming simulator and as well as you can protect your farm. 

There is a lot of game mod on this game like crafting, animals, quests, etc. To protect your farm from zombies, it has a tower defense.

So, you can understand that this game will make you fun of having plenty of mixed genres. 

4. Moonlighter

If you are looking exactly the best alternative games like Stardew Valley then moonlighter will be the best for you. Because this app has some features that exactly match with games like Stardew Valley. 

Moonlighter | games like stardew valley
Image Source: Steam Via

So, let’s see those cool features of this game. 

No 1. Shopkeeping: At the time of managing your business in your village, you can sell some of your products by providing a specific amount of money. In this, you have to be very careful because some bad people may steal your precious products.

Secondly, Meet The Villagers: Its very important to know what your customers and what they want from you. 

Thirdly: Craft and Enchant: This is the part and parcel of the games. To progress in this game, crafting and enchanting are the most important. 

So, considering all the perspectives, if you want to swing games like Stardew Valley then it will be the best perfect for you. So, for fun, you should definitely play this game.

5. My Time at Portia | Games Like Stardew Valley

If you ask me what is the best replacement games like Stardew Valley, I answer is My Time at Portia. The game is a simulation RPG game. When you play it you feel very delightful because the game is immersive. I definitely could tell that if you try this game only for one time, you will see how this game attracts you. This game was published by Team 17 Digital Limited. 

My Time at Portia
Image Source: Steam Via

Do you know what is the ultimate target of this game? Here is it: expanding your workshop by crafting products, upgrading tools which will be taking on commission from the city of Portia. 

There is also a level option in this game so, if you play well then you have a chance to level up your game character. You can also make your game player skilled by combat social skills and Crafting.

So, please check out this brand cool game once, it’s my small suggestions.

6. Dragon Quest Builders

It is an action role-playing game. This game is like a game of all game because if you play this game you find discover the art of Stardew Valley, Minecraft,  harvest Moon, etc. In this game, there is no chance to level up the game. But here you can make and design through many stories. 

Dragon Quest Builders | Games like stardew Valley
Image Source: Steam Via

This is is especially very popular among children. They said that they feel really happy to play this game.

7. Graveyard Keeper | Games Like Stardew Valley

It is also a simulation role-playing game. This game is available for almost all the devices like Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc. This type of game is very attractive when you feel bored by playing games like Stardew Valley.  

Graveyard Keeper
Image Source: Steam Via

After releasing this game in 2018 it makes a raised among people which is developed by Lazy Bear. 

My suggestions are, you should definitely check out this game for one time.

8. Robot Farm 

This is a fun game with a fantasy Life. In this game you can make a farm with your robots, meet with a lot of colorful characters and monsters and fight with them. There is a very interesting feature in this game which is a world feature that means you can make your own fantasy world. In this world, you’re the boss. You can do everything with your world and make more stories.

Robot Farm | Games like stardew valley
Image Source: Steam Via

This game has a large number of elements with which you can make your world attractive. Some of the most popular game modes are world editing (Talked in the upper paragraph),  terrain editing, combat, etc. 

So the bottom line is this game is all about  Live, Build, explore and fight. That’s it. You should definitely try this game once.

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9. World’s Dawn | Games Like Stardew Valley

The Worlds Dawn game is a colorful game that is located in a seaside sleepy village.  In it, there is an app class vibrant colors of graphics and a lot of character. With them, you can meet and make friends with each other. 

World’s Dawn | games like stardew valley
Image Source: Steam Via

So, here you will everything on a game simulation game like Stardew Valley. So, let’s talk about the special features of the game. The branded Dynamic Village: The village is really awesome because of its changing color and environment according to the season and opens a new season when the previous season passed by. 

So, this game is really amazing with: Make Friendship, harvest crops, fish, mine, magical Streets and Find Love.

I hope you definitely check out this game.

10. Farm Together

It’s a simulation game and with a lot of options to customize. This game is very popular for its multiplayer elements and friendly user experience. Though this game is very difficult it’s easy gameplay makes is so much better. And you will love to play these games like stardew valley.

Don’t Starve Together | Games like stardew Valley
Image Source: Steam Via

As you play it with your friends you definitely feel attraction and may addict. Moreover Farm together games have beautiful graphics and a lot of options to farm. 

 11. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Harvest Moon was one of the best games before The games like Stardew Valley.  The game was published by Tabot. When this game was first launched it was launched for PC only but after a certain period of time, it has been available for Android and iOS also because of its popularity.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope
Image Source: Steam Via

Games farming style and other things fascinate you. And you will be able to solve all the problem appears to it. And for your kind information, you should know that the game is celebrating it’s 20 years birthday. 

So, if you are looking for a fresh start you should definitely try out This game.

12. Kynseed | Games Like Stardew Valley

From the game developers, it has known that it is a Life Simulation game where life and death are a major part.

Kynseed | games like stardew valley
Image Source: Steam Via

Side by side other options, farming is one of the major options in this game. You as a play find this game explorable and you can start your own business in it. 

The fun has also options to interact with the people and make a family. Isn’t it really amazing?

So, Without any delay let’s try this game. 

13. Farmers Dynasty

Farmers Dynasty is one of the most simulation games. Here you would find each and everything about a farmer and what is the role of a real farmer. Its a simulation is more enjoyable than other games like Stardew Valley. 

famers-dynasty Games like stardew Valley
Image Source: Steam Via

Here you would be given a rundown farm which you have to grow and maintain and increase your farms. 

As you complete more tasks and level you would be given new equipment and development materials which you use to make your farm more sustainable. 

14. Staxel | Games Like Stardew Valley

Staxel is a very creative game and this game is a game of village life. game is all about Minecraft game with quirky character. So, if you like Minecraft game this game you should definitely try. Minecraft game is a social and farming game that seems to the game Stardew Valley.

Staxel game
Image Source: Steam Via

Your role in this game is to build your farm, produce products and help the Villagers.  

It as also faster than most other games and levels are being completed faster than other games. So, if you like the fast game it is the best option for you.

15. Farming Simulator

It’s another farming simulator game inspired by Stardew Valley. But it tries to make it attractive with its authentic gameplay experience. This game is really preferable for those players who want to farm in a relaxing environment.

Farming Simulator | Games like stardew Valley
Image Source: Steam Via

You can make your farm developed by growing crops and maintaining them. After that, you have to sell this product in the shop. 

I hope you feel really well playing this game and feel the scenic beauty of the environment.

16. The Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

If you really want to switch games like Stardew Valley then you should definitely try it. Here you work oi join as a young guy and will be an experienced farmer after that. 

The Story of Seasons Trio of Towns
Image Source: Steam Via

Here you will be able to cultivate your land and make is amazing. After the game Stardew Valley it is one the best game ever. 

Also, a lot of users play this game all over the world. So, to make fun with your game you definitely should check out this game now. 

17. Fantasy Life

As you hair the name of this game. You understand that what this game provides you. You can lead a life which you want. If you are a fantasy lover then you can try out the game. 

Fantasy Life
Image Source: Steam Via

Here you will find different types of the world and customized graphics and you fell that you are really In a fantasy Life. 

You have to choose which life you want to lead and the game will provide you all the scenarios of that life with their skill. 

So, I hope you definitely find this game fun.

18. Voodoo Garden | Games Like Stardew Valley

Voodoo Garden is another life Simulation game. In this game, the player can grow crops, plan, and trees and so on. Some of the features of this game may really attract you. There’s a little hut for you and you are the owner.

Voodoo Garden
Image Source: Steam Via

You can also swamp animals to your farm.  By upgrading it you can also unlock many new features and new plants, totems and animals. 

So, what do you think about this game? I hope you will try out this game.

Editors Recommended

19. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t starve together is another game for those who have a great affection for adventure and survival. If you really want to switch the game like Stardew Valley then Don’t starve together is one of the best alternatives for you.

Don’t Starve Together | Games like stardew Valley
Image Source: Steam Via

Here players can grow and increase their resources, craft products and develop their farm. In this game, there is a strange world in which this world has a lot of unknown creatures and dangers. It was published in 2016 by the developer Klei Entertainment.

20. Recettear | Games Like Stardew Valley

It is also a role a role-playing game that is developed by EasyGameStaion. This is all about an item shop and, a girl and a fairy. So, here you feel something different from other simulation games.

Recettear | games like stardew valley
Image Source: Steam Via

So, you should definitely try out this game.

21. Weapon Shop Fantasy 

It is another shop simulation game for you. This can be done in this game such as: collect the rare type of material, make your skill combat, defeat your enemies, make you skillful, etc.

Weapon Shop Fantasy
Image Source: Steam Via

In this game you may hire some staff for you they will do many works as for you. They can improve their skill to defeat enemies. There is a particular room for them where they train themselves. 

There are a lot of pieces of equipment in this game like about 200 equipment. And a large number of monsters. 

Moreover, making money by crafting items is a good feature and you may also send your staff for battle and earn extra money and materials. 

So, by knowing these all cool features you should definitely try this game.

22. Battle Brothers | Games Like Stardew Valley

It another fantasy game for you. Here you are the boss and only you can make a decision whom you will fight. There is a world map, according to this you will explore the world and fight with people and earn money and coin.

Battle Brothers games like stardew valley
Image Source: Steam Via

Some of the cool features of the game are Permadeath, character development, equipment, diverse enemy roster, etc.

So, I hope you should definitely try this game. 

23. Force of Nature

The last one is Force of Nature. This is a sandbox game. That has this combination of Action RPG, Adventure, Strategy genres. You can do many things with this game such as creating weapons, build houses, Crafting tables and expand your character. 

Force of Nature game
Image Source: Steam Via

Players can explore 10 or more than different zones. You can also grow plants and trees and domestic animals. Some of the cool features of the game are Dynamic weather according to day and night, a large number of animals, monsters, and weapons. 

You can use these monsters to fight for you. This is really amazing. So, why are you making it so late? Try out this game now.

Why Making So Late Play All These Games Like Stardew Valley?

I will definitely tell you that Stardew Valley is one of the best farming game in the world. And if you want to make your farming life more sustainable and enjoyable you can obviously try out these games. 

Here in this article, I covered almost all games like Stardew Valley. And told you about all the most important features of those games. Now it is your time to pick some of the perfect game for you according to your text. 

If you feel yourself boring playing only simulation games you should definitely check out these mixed Simulation games that I talk in the article. 

I guarantee that all these games will give you exciting gameplay, amazement, enthusiasm, and great joy.


Here I talk about the most popular sandbox, simulation, action type game. I hope you really like this post”Games Like Stardew Valley: The Ultimate Best 23 Games To Play Like Stardew Valley in 2020“. 

Let me know your valuable opinion in the comments section and tell me what is your favorite game. Or you can also suggest this type of games like stardew valley. I will definitely try your suggested game and mention it on our website.

Last, if you get a little bit of help from this post then don’t be cheap to share this article with your friends and family.

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