WhatsApp Adds Fingerprint Authentication for WhatsApp Web in The Latest Beta

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WhatsApp is working on fingerprint authentication for the WhatsApp web. Fingerprint authentication on WhatsApp will secure personal chat from being exposed to others.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media in the world. Most of the time we use the WhatsApp web to access WhatsApp directly from our computer or laptop.

In other words, we can easily accept all the WhatsApp messages of our smartphone from the PC. This makes it much easier to communicate with everyone who works on the computer most of the time.

And WhatsApp is launching fingerprint authentication for the web to make this process the most secure. This will allow you to secure your personal chats and messages.

Whenever you try to connect to the WhatsApp web, you need to authenticate with the fingerprint.

As a result, your WhatsApp will be much more secure.

Ever since the launch of the WhatsApp web, many hackers have been trying to access the personal chats of many people. And WhatsApp is launching this great feature to keep users safe from all hackers.

You may have noticed that when you use the WhatsApp web it shows notifications on your smartphone. If you have not used the WhatsApp web then you can sign out from a specific computer or laptop by clicking on that notification. This will keep your personal much more secure from others.

But with the fingerprint authentication system that WhatsApp is now launching, it will be the most secure on your mobile. Because whenever you or someone else tries to access WhatsApp from the WhatsApp web, you need to do fingerprint authentication on your smartphone.

When Does the Fingerprint Authentication for WhatsApp Web Will Be Available?

Fingerprint Authentication for WhatsApp Web when will be avialable

Now let’s find out when this WhatsApp feature will be available to all users.

WhatsApp introduced this great feature in beta version of WhatsApp. This means that this feature is available in the latest beta version. So if you want to use it now, you need to join the WhatsApp beta program. You can from the Play Store.

And WhatsApp has not yet confirmed when this feature will be available to all general users.

However, we expect that the feature will be available to all users very soon as it is a security issue.


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