Why Facebook Largest Size Has Become Its Greatest Problem?

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Facebook is one of the most popular and most used social media Ever. Now Facebook the largest size has become the biggest problem


Since the first invention of Facebook the scale and size of Facebook has been increased enormously. Every day most people are getting their Facebook account and this is increasing rapidly. Isn’t photo backed up? Backup your photo by Google photos.

Why Facebook Largest Size Has Become Its Greatest Problem?

Main Part

And now the largest accounts have Facebook has become the real problem. Because most people create Facebook for their personal interests and they can do anything with their Facebook account. Chat Heads on your Android Q phone.


They can broadcast any of the personnel function. they can also share their personal videos and photos on Facebook whatever it is good or bad or serious. Is your phone hanging. solution for your iPhone.

Facebook largest size has become the largest problem

In the last week when a gunman was shooting on the people of mosques in New Zealand, he broadcast its video directly on Facebook. Backup your WhatsApp chat with these simple ways.


And the largest community that was connected with him can see it directly.


And for this reason, Facebook’s largest amount of account has become the greatest and largest problem. Best Rom on your phone.
Hindi incident of New Zealand mosque shooting about 50 people dead.
and so Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube are at the risk of this some kind of problem.
Every day people are sharing the video on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.
and thus they make 1 million copies of the same videos in less than 24 hours.
And can you think about it?


How many spaces it has taken in less than 24 hours?


And this is why the largest amount of people has the greatest problem of social media.


Though social media can control the videos which are not updated for the users a large number of videos are uploading every minute which is not according to the users. Secure your phone from the virus. Best antivirus for your phone.


The uses of Facebook uploading the same videos by changing its voice and changing its versions and its quality. And so Facebook can’t recognize which video is the real.


Because all the technologies are not foolproof.


Do the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled some plans to make Facebook more secure and encrypted. Find Restaurants With Free WiFi near you.


it will be harder for Facebook to remove and find videos like the videos which was made by the hunter on the New Zealand mosques.



Now I am summarising the post, social media has become a part of our lives and we can’t imagine a single day without social media like Facebook Twitter Instagram WhatsApp et cetera.


And it has become the real problem because anyone can use social media and any other platform because of their personal interest and they can share and upload anything which the light whatever it is appropriate or inappropriate.

A few days ago we got the proof of the problem.


I hope you like our post “Why Facebook Largest Size Has Become Its Greatest Problem?”. And what do you think about it, is a real social media platform for all? Let me know in the comment section.
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