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How to delete Spotify account permanently in your Android iOS the easy and step by step guide to delete Spotify account.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is probably the most popular music streaming service which runs through subscription. In 2006 the Spotify has founded and has millions of songs almost all kinds of albums and podcasts. Spotify was one of the mainstreaming services that made the idea of music as a service.

People no longer have to keep huge downloaded music libraries of all their favorite songs, they just need to stream them on all their devices through Spotify. There are two types of plans, one is free and another is paid.

In the free plan, it is ad-supported and has other different restrictions like only being able to skip 6 songs within an hour and it has no searching capability. The paid plan is a full-featured music player with all the accessibility and without any limitations.

Let’s Know How to Delete Spotify Account

Watching Spotify being a very successful service, many other musical alternatives have popped up in the past few years. The strongest contestants of Spotify are perhaps Apple’s Apple Music service and Youtube Music. There are also other less popular ones which have made their place like Saavn and Deezer. According to your preferences, you may think these services more advantageous than Spotify.

But if you are already a Spotify user, you may want to know how to delete your Spotify account before trying the other popular musical services.

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Here Are Some Tips Only For You About How to Delete Spotify Account

If you have premium Spotify subscriptions, at the very beginning you have to unsubscribe or cancel your subscription because If you don’t cancel it before you delete your account, your credit card may get charged even after your account has been closed, so it’s a very important thing you have to remember. and If you don’t have a premium plan, you can just follow the instructions which are given below……

To cancel your premium Spotify subscription all you have to do is following these steps:

Click on close my account parmanantly
  • First, go to from your PC.
  • If you are not signed in then sign in by clicking on the login button at the top right of the page, then enter your username and password.
  • Then click on the Profile at the top right of the page, then click on  Account.
  • At this point, You should now be on the Account settings page.
  • If you are there then just Scroll down to the  Spotify Premium section.
  • Now You can see your Premium plan details and the amount you pay every month. There is a  Manage plan button which you need to click on it.
  • Now you can see a  Change or cancel button below the plan details. Click on that button.
  • In the Change plan section, click on the Cancel premium button. Then, click on  Yes, cancel to confirm.

By doing those steps properly you have now canceled your Spotify premium subscription. But You will still get to enjoy your premium benefits until the next billing cycle.

After the unsubscription has done, you can now move on to delete the Spotify account.

To delete your Spotify account just follow these steps

To delete your Spotify account just follow these steps
  • At first, go to from your PC.
  • You will see a button, I want to close my account permanently, click on it.
  • Click on the Close account button.
  • Now Click on the blue Close account button at the bottom right of the page.
  • Here you will be able to see your account details for confirmation. 
  • Then check the account and email address to make sure that is yours.
  • After that scroll down and click Continue.

At last Click on “I understand, and still want to close my account” and click Continue. This will close your account. You can re-activate your account for up to 7 days after closing.

You will get an email from Spotify asking for one final confirmation. Open the email and click on  Close My Account.

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