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Best antivirus for Android smartphones in 2019 Nowadays mobile phones is an integral part of our lives. In this post, you will find some Best antivirus app for android smartphones.

We can’t imagine a single day without a mobile phone. In every single sector, we use a smartphone in this modern world. 


Probably our morning starts with the alarm of our smartphone. Then we start our new day. We mostly use our smartphone for calling and enjoying multimedia. Restaurants With Free WiFi Near Me Best 7 Apps To Find


But with the day, the use of the smartphone is increasing rapidly. We want to use our smartphone more effectively and want to do more With this. Make images to video for Facebook.


So we started to manage our financial activities and many private activities by smartphone. Is it really safe for you? You can also automate your Android phone.


Unfortunately, the answer is no. Because in this advanced world nothing is impossible. So, you have to secure our personal data. With messenger Gmail also bring some cool new features.


In this post, I will share 9 best antiviruses for android smartphone. Which is most liked and most popular in 2019.

9 Best antivirus for the android smartphone in 2019 for you

  • AVG Antivirus
  • Avira Antivirus Security
  • McAfee Mobile Security and Lock
  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  • Norton Security And Antivirus
  • Security Master
  • DFNDR Security
  • 360 Security


Here is the short description of the above smartphone antivirus.  Though we think we don’t need to secure and take care of our smartphone. It is not true. The big news Android Pie and dark mode are now available on Redmi Note 5.


If you want to use your smartphone without any hassle. You need to clean up your smartphone best antivirus for Android smartphone


I say you don’t have to work and stuck with your smartphone. You just have to set up your antivirus application for one time. 10 Reasons Why My iPhone Is So Slow And Their.


Then as your settings instruction, it will work. Such as you don’t have any time to clean up your smartphone. Google Photos Backup 10 Amazing Hacks You Should Know


Then just you have to set up auto clean up in your smartphone. Do you think that why it is named the smartphone?


I think you got your answer. Because of its smart work, it is named the smartphone.


Many antiviruses for Android gives the user to set up auto clean up, auto-check, auto-scan, etc. How to Receive SMS on PC Without Sell Phone 5 Best.


So, let’s talk about the best antivirus for Android smartphone


Best Free Antivirus For Android Phone in 2019

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is one of the most popular antiviruses for android smartphones. Over 100 million people already installed antivirus software. AVG antivirus is the best product which is developed by AVG technologies. 5 Best Gym Workout App to Get In Shape

AVG Antivirus


It has almost every features that antivirus software should have. It has internet scanning and internet Speed checker and WiFi security cleaning junk file’s kill apps and ram booster, power saver etc are the best features of the antivirus app.


But unfortunately, it is not a free application you have to pay for it. It gives users 30 days of the free trial. There are more apps of AVG such as AVG cleaner AVG secure VPN etc. The best translation app for Android The Top 5


Some Best Cool Features Of AVG Antivirus

  1. Scan apps, scan settings, games, and many files
  2. Increase battery life by battery saver features
  3. Increase speed by killing unnecessary apps
  4. Clean up unnecessary files
  5. Give protection with pin and fingerprint scanner
  6. Hide your private files
  7. your wifi whether it is safe or not
  8. up your internet speed
  9. apps and tell whether it is safe for use or not
  10. Give protection when using the internet
  11. privacy protection from adult site


Avira Antivirus Security for android

Avira is another antivirus software for Android. In the application, you can get some interesting things. It is available on the play store and almost every app is available on the play store. Avira has almost everyone features in it hut it is a normal function.


Avira Antivirus Security
It also has anti-theft features, so, if you lost your phone you can contact your phone. But you can’t add more features in the free version of the antivirus software but if you want to buy the premium version of the app you will find some special features such as camera protection and browsing security. Ok Google Ok Google 7 Things Nobody Told You About
Some Best Cool Features of Avira


  1. Virus Cleaner, scan virus, malware, spyware, etc
  2. locate the phone
  3. a privacy advisor
  4. a camera and mic protection features.
  5. has app lock features by which you can make safe of your app.


McAfee Mobile Security and Lock for android

McAfee Mobile Security is one one the best android smartphone antivirus software for its work it has given some most precious awards. It has many features like security lock, battery optimizer anti-theft features, wifi security memory cleaner are the best. All the features are available in the free version of the antivirus application. The user interface of the app as really very pretty. Ok Google Ok Google 7 Things Nobody Told You About

McAfee Mobile Security and Lock for android

And it has a paid version too. In the paid version you can find some extra features. Moreover, it shows everything that you have to do means tutorial. In the paid version you will see some best extra features Without any ads but for us, it is not so cheap. So, I suggest you use the free version of the antivirus apps.


Some Beat Cool Features of McAfee Mobile Security

  1. It has anti-theft features that will help you to find your phone
  2. You can remotely wipe the data off your phone and make your phone secure.
  3. Suggest the application which you installed is safe or not
  4. You can see auto clean up and features


Avast Mobile Security for android

Avast is one of the best antivirus software which is used worldwide. It has really some cool features. In the app, there is a button. That will help you to take your actions. 7 Best Free TV Remote App In 2019

Avast Mobile Security


It has one tap scan button by which you can scan your phone from any kind of Trojans and virus. Moreover, it has a ram booster and junk cleaner facilities.


You can directly scan WiFi and its speed. App locking features are also available in the app. How To Make Image To Video By ImageToVideo


Some Cool Features of Avast Mobile Security

  1. App details providing ( safe or not)
  2. Junk cleaner facilities
  3. Photo vault for unwanted activities
  4. Website shield providing etc.


Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus for android

Kaspersky is is the most popular antivirus apps for Android. It also has a free and paid version. You can see various types of features in the app. But in the Paid version, you can see some special features. How To Make Image To Video By ImageToVideo

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus


In the free version, you can protect your phone from malware and virus. You can scan your files in the app. Its real-time protection and anti-theft and app locker etc. You can get every premium features of the app for 30 days. How To Make Image To Video By ImageToVideo


Some Best Cool Features of Kaspersky Mobile Security

  1. It has call filter facilities and gives users to block calls from unwanted numbers
  2. anti-theft features to find your phone was stolen or lost
  3. It checks every background apps and checks every file to protect malware.
  4. Moreover, it has app lock features
  5. And also internet protection from the dark website


Norton Security And Antivirus for android

Nor is one of the best Android security and antivirus apps. It has a huge volume of features. In the free version, you can enjoy the most advanced features of the Norton apps. The malware identification power of the app is very good. A piece of great news you can shop from Instagram.
Norton Security And Antivirus


It gives the User the best performance and secures phone from any kind of spyware malware etc. It has anti-theft features too.


In case you lost your devices then it will play siren sounds by your commands. You can remotely control your Phone. You can send messages to make an alarm.


It has also some other apps that are password manager apps and app locker apps etc. All the application of them is available in the play store. You can enjoy 30 free trials in the trial you can enjoy all the premium features. So, I say that Norton Security And Antivirus is one of the best security apps in the play store. 11 Best IFTTT Applets to Automate Your Smartphone


Some Best Cool Features of Norton Security And Antivirus

  1. You can safely search on anywhere because safe search is available
  2. You can check your Wi-Fi by scanning
  3. It has call blocking features by which you can block your unwanted calls


Security Master for android

CM security was the first app of security master. It has a good rating in the play store. The app has a number of security features. In the free version of the app, it gives more and more features.


It gives messaging security, Wi-Fi security and phone booster, junk cleaner, CPU cooler, and battery saver, etc. Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger | How To Turn On


So, by considering the pros of the

Security Master

security master app it will be the best apps for security and antivirus


Some Best Cool Features of Security Master

  1. It has anti-theft alarm features.
  2. It has Safe connect VPN protection
  3. Messaging security etc


DFNDR Security for android


DFNDR Security for android

DFNDR is the other security apps for optimizing your phone’s performance. It is a top-rated security application for your Android smartphone. It has also some best features like anti-phishing and anti-hacking You can speed up your smartphone by it this app. YouTube TV Availability Has declared a Price Hike to $50/Month


Some Best Cool Features of DFNDR Security

  1. It has anti-phishing and anti-hacking features.
  2. Junk cleaning features
  3. App locking features


360 Security for android

360 Security is the best security app. It has some special kinds of features which make it so popular. It has speed boost up features and junk cleaning features etc.
360 Security


Some Best Cool Features of 360 Security

  1. RAM cleaning features to speed up the phone
  2. Filter for SMS and calls
  3. Anti-theft features to capture theft images.



I hope you like our post 9 Best Antivirus For Android Smartphone In 2019 For You

 What do think about it? Let me know in the comment section.


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