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How to use Banglalink free internet? Today in this article I’m going to show you step by step process to use Banglalink free internet.


During this pandemic situation the whole world is fighting against the COVID 19 (Corona Virus). Therefore in such a situation, we all have to stay at home to be safe. So, whether you want to or not you and I are now enclosed within four walls.

Like a situation, you should give time to your family members and friends. And to keep in touch with friends and family there’s no way without using technology. 

Directly, using the internet you can communicate with your nearest and dearest one. And you know that the internet is not so much cheap to be affordable for all kinds of people. I’m not talking about those who use a broadband connection (WiFi), whereas I am talking for those who can’t afford to buy internet packages.

So, without any delay let’s get started.

How Much Speed In Banglalink Free Internet?

To clarify, I want to tell you one thing that as it is totally for free and for this you will get a slower internet connection. I tested this in my two devices and get a result like this. Normally you will get consistently 40 KB to up to 100 KB. 

banglalink free internet

And it is more than enough to browse Facebook, and watching YouTube videos at 240P. I don’t say that you will get a buffering free internet but you can try it one time.

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Precondition To Use Banglalink Free Internet

To use Banglalink free internet you have to make sure these things.

  • Your account balance has not been expired.
  • You have at least some MB like 10MB to connect with a free server.

After this, you are ready to use it.

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How To Use Banglalink Free Internet Step By Step Guide

Time Needed : 5 minutes

To Use Banglalink Free Internet Follow these steps.

  1. Download Psiphon Pro

    Firstly, you have to download a free application from the play play store

  2. Just open the play store

    And search for “psiphon” and install the psiphone on playstore banglalink free internet

  3. Turn on data connection

    Make sure that on Banglalink SIM. I didn’t try on other SIM you can try and let me know the comment section.

    Also, be sure that your account balance is empty.turn on data connection with banglalink

  4. Open the application and tap on start

    On the bottom left internet open it and tap on start

  5. Then it will give you two options.


    If you want to use all applications with free internet tap on tunnel whole device. Or tap on browser only to use it only for browsing.tap on tunnel whole device to get banglakink free net

  6. Then give is permission.

    Tap on okay.tap okay when it ask for permission | free internet

  7. And give location permission.

    Then you have to wait for 10 seconds.give location permission to get free internet

  8. After this, you will see Running in whole device mode, in the notification panel.

    If you see this in the notification, it’s sure that you’re now connected to the free server.if it says running the whole device youre connected now

  • Android Smartphone
  • Psiphon Pro

You can now browse and use Facebook, YouTube everything.

Some Most Asked FAQ’s 

What You Can Do Using This Banglalink Free Internet?

You can do everything using this free internet. Like browsing, Facebooking, And watching YouTube videos.

What You Should Not Do Using Banglalink Free Internet?

I recommend that you don’t make only online transactions or purchase or online banking and Mobile banking like Bkash Rocket etc. Don’t use these applications using this free internet for further security.

What’s The Speed Of Banglalink Free Internet?

I use it on my two devices and get a speed of 35KB (consistently) to 100KB. May differ in your region and quality of your internet connection like 3G or 4G (LTE).

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Banglalink Free Internet?

I’m using it for 1 week and noticed one thing that when watching YouTube videos it shows some extra ads. Just skip the ads.

Is This Free Internet Unlimited Or Limited?

As I’m using it I didn’t see any limitations issues depending on that I can say that it’s unlimited free internet.


In conclusion, I talked a lot, now it’s time to see your reaction. I hope you like this article “How To Use Banglalink Free Internet (Unlimited Access)“. 

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