Best 3 Ways How to backup WhatsApp iPhone Less than 5 Minutes

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social apps. Most of us don’t know how to backup WhatsApp iPhone. To know how to backup WhatsApp iPhone just follow these simple steps.
how to backup whatsapp on iPhone


WhatsApp is one of the ever-growing social apps at present. Sometimes we need to back up our personal data from WhatsApp. Is your phone hanging. Hanging solution for your iPhone.


A few days ago my phone started hanging and I have to restart the phone. So, I need to keep my all data to safe space. As a result, I select WhatsApp auto back up. And thus I get free from this trouble. Today I am going to share some  tips about how to backup whatsapp on iPhone. Backup your WhatsApp chat with these simple ways.
So, let’s get started

Best 4 Ways to Backup WhatsApp iPhone

     1.     Automatically Backup
2.     By turning on iCloud Drive
3.     By Email WhatsApp History
4.     Best Easiest Way To Backup WhatsApp iPhone


Main part

How to set up automatic backup on WhatsApp iPhone

If you are using Whatsapp from very early you can see WhatsApp gives some cool features in their apps settings. 2 things you must know Google foldable phones.


1. All you have to do is you have to find the particular settings in WhatsApp.
in order to find the settings, you have to go to WhatsApp and launch the WhatsApp.
how to backup whatsapp on iPhone
2. After launching WhatsApp you have to go to settings.
Find chat list on WhatsApp app.
how to backup whatsapp on iPhone
3. Then tap on Sat backups and click on backup now option.
how to backup whatsapp on iPhone
So, your work almost is done. And you don’t have to worry when you uninstall for lost
4. WhatsApp app. If you uninstall WhatsApp app install WhatsApp app and you will see automatically restore option in your WhatsApp.

So you are work has done. Do you Know the concept of Huawei Triple Camera.


How to backup WhatsApp iPhone by turning on iCloud

If you want to backup all your WhatsApp chat list then follow the instruction below.
    • To backup WhatsApp messages on your iPhone by turning on iCloud just open your settings app.
    • After opening settings app just click on the iCloud option.
    • By default your iCloud backup is off, you have to on it by typing on the button on the top right corner.
    • After turning on the iCloud backup you have to turn on WhatsApp backup.
    • You have to find WhatsApp from the list.
    • Then just simply turn it on.
    • After you on WhatsApp backup in your iCloud, you are done.
    • Then your iCloud in automatically backup all your WhatsApp messages.
    • It’s simple. Isn’t it?


How to backup WhatsApp on iPhone by turning on email history.


You can also backup your WhatsApp messages to your email. In order to set up and know how to backup WhatsApp iPhone just follow these steps. Secure your phone from virus. Best antivirus for your phone.

how to backup whatsapp on iPhone
how to backup whatsapp on iPhone
      • To backup WhatsApp iPhone by email go to your WhatsApp. Then select the conversation who is you want to back up.
      • Then tap on the name function and you will see an option names export chat.
      • After clicking on export set you will see to auction the first option is to attach media and the second option is without media.
      • if you want to backup your WhatsApp chat list with all images and videos then you have to select attach media or if you don’t want to include images and videos or any media then you have to select without media.
      • After selecting then you have to select mail option.
      • Then you have to mail your chat list who is the email address you own.
      • So by following these steps, you don’t know how to backup WhatsApp iPhone.
What do you know about iTunes and iCloud? In iTunes and iCloud you will see a lot of options to so more thing things.
You can back up all your photos or images buy iTunes backup.
Moreover, you can also backup media files, messages, call logs, application data, app settings, memos, bookmarks, and calendars.


You can also backup all your browsing history like Safari history, browsing cache, temp files, offline data, and so more things. Best Rom for your phone.


In the iCloud backup, you will find 5 GB of free space in it. But in Android, you can see 15 GB of space in it.


You can use all are your 5 GB space to back up everything you need on iPhone. Find Restaurants With Free WiFi near you.


You can backup in iCloud such as



  • ·       ·         App data
  • ·         text messages
  • ·         MMS messages
  • ·         Apple watch backups
  • ·         device settings
  • ·         health data
  • ·         call history
  • ·         call logs
  • ·         home kit configuration
  • ·         home screen and app organization
  • ·         photos videos and Everything

·         you can also backup your ringtones TV shows, apps, books, and your password. You can also automate your Android phone.

If you don’t want to do all the things about and don’t want any hassle to backup your WhatsApp iPhone then I will suggest an app to remove all your hostel to backup your WhatsApp message. Make images to video for Facebook.

The app name is iOS data backup and restore
how to backup whatsapp on iPhone

You can easily install the application without any hassle.

    1. Just you have to do is install the application.
    2. Then you will see some instruction in the application.
    3. Then connect your iCloud to the app.
    4. Then you can see an option named iOS data backup and you have to select it.
    5. After selecting it you will see some options it means which media you want to back up.


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