Android Pie on redmi note 5
Redmi note 5 pro gets Android pie in the latest beta update. After waiting a long time Android pie is available on Redmi note 5 pro.


Redmi series phone is very popular, at present. But Xiaomi provides only one next Android version of it’s the phone. Such as Redmi note 5 Pro was launched in February 2018 with the latest version of Android, oreo. Restaurants With Free WiFi Near Me Best 7 Apps To Find

And now, after testing a long time, the time has come. 9 Best Ways How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10

Android Pie on redmi note 5

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If you have a Redmi note 5 pro phone and you are running on MIUI beta ROM then check your updater. Facebook New Look In 2019 | Facebook Is Getting a New…

Android Pie And Dark Mode Is Now Available On Redmi Note 5 Pro

You can see an update has just come, yesterday. And the MIUI version is 9.3.25.

If you get the update, flash it and you will see your Android version has been successfully upgraded. Tik Tok Website and Tik Tok Musically Has Banned-Why?

And if you are a stable ROM user then you have to wait up to 3-4 months more to get the latest Android pie update.
You can also get it by flashing your phone with the MIUI beta ROM. YouTube TV Availability Has declared a Price Hike to $50/Month

So, the stable ROM user has to wait a few months to get the latest update. How to Use Your Phone As a Google Security Key

Android Pie

What’s New In MIUI 9.3.25

We see many changes in each MIUI update.
  • Firstly, it has brought t latest Android pie
  • And system-wide dark mode.
  • And many changes.


If you are a Redmi note 5 pro user then it is the best news for you.

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