10 Amazing Google Photos Backup Hacks

Google photos backup means saving photos you take with your device’s camera and photos that are saved in your phone.

 Google Photos Backup

At present we are clicking so many photos and these photos are very important for us.
We don’t want to lose our photos at any cost. Is your Facebook password secure? About 600 millions of password exposed internally.

Photos keep many memorable memories of our lives. And so it is more important than anything. Best command of Google Assistant to make your life easier.
But sometimes if we lost our phone then we don’t have to do anything. Then we Become very sad. Google Doodles Are now available on pixel home screen search bar.

Today in this article I am going to share how to backup your Google photos in the easiest way. At first, I will tell you I have to backup photos in Android smartphone.

If you back up your Google photos then you are Google photos will be saved in Cloud space. 5 best translation apps for your phone.

Main Part
So, if you don’t want to lose any of your photos keep reading the articles. By Google photos backup your photos will be saved for a lifetime. Make workout at home Without these workout apps.

Google photos backup

To backup, your Google photos just read out the whole article and follow all process.

What is Google photos backup and sync

It is a backup service and it helps you to save your videos and photos to your Google photos library. Get SMS notification on pc from your phone.

All of your photos will be privately stored and none can see your photos unless you share them

How to turn on Google photos backup and sync

    • Firstly you have to sign in your Google account then open your Google photos app in your smartphone.

       Google Photos Backup


    • Then click on the left corner and you will see some options.

       Google Photos Backup


    • Select settings and in the settings you will see backup and sync option.

       Google Photos Backup


    • Turn on the backup and sync option to Google photos back up.

       Google Photos Backup


    • And if you don’t want to back up your photos turn it off.

       Google Photos Backup


You have to keep in mind that turning off the settings will affect other Google Apps backup and sync such as Google Drive and Google Docs. A piece of great news you can shop from Instagram. Shop now button on Instagram.

Change your Google photos backup settings

At first, you have to see that a particular Google account which accounts you want to save to your photos. Isn’t photo backed up? Backup your photo by Google photos.

You can also change the upload sizes of photos.
if you want to backup Google photos a particular folder then selects that the particular folder. Chat Heads on your Android Q phone.
You can also see select when you want to backup then you can select that at Wi-Fi or at mobile data.

  • Check whether your photos are saved or not.
  • You can see if your photos all backed up or not.
  • If you select a photo and then click on the three dots menu on the right corner of your screen then you will see backup now an option if your photos are not backup.
  • And if your photos are backed up then you will see your photos backed up or you will not see any backup option on the mobile phone.

How to buy storage in Google photos backup
You can also buy some is storage if you are running out storage.
If you select high-quality upload then you will get unlimited space and if you select original size then you will get 15 GB of free space.

To buy some storage from Google photos then go to your Google photos settings and backup and sync settings then you will see by some storage option.
In this option, you can easily buy storage. Is your phone hanging. Hanging solution for your iPhone.

Backup Google photos in PC

Photos are very important to us if we use a personal computer you don’t have to worry about it you can also do the same thing and backup your Google photos in PC.

There are lots of ways to backup Google photos I am going to share two ways to backup Google photos by using PC. Backup your WhatsApp chat with these simple ways.

Install backup and sync.
After that, you can backup your photos from your browser.

  • At first, you have to install backup and sync desktop.


  • After installing the app you have to sign in your Google account.
  • Remember that you have to sign in with Google accounts for to you want to backup.
  • You can select to which folder of photos, you want to backup.
  • You can select only photos of all videos or any files.
  • You can manually select which folder you want to backup up right now.
  • Then you have to select the photo and video upload size.
  • After selecting them you have to click start.

Google photos and videos backup

  • There are some limitations to your activities.
  • When you upload photos you have to keep in mind some things. Such as your files for photos will not be backed up when you.
  • photos are larger than 75 MB or 100 MB.
  • Any videos are larger than 10 GB.
  • You can’t back up any photos smaller than 256 * 256

Some file types that can be backed up.

  • Photos extension like JPG PNG Webp and some raw files.
  • You can’t backup your photos if you used with your Google photos app on iPhone.
  • You can backup some video files including this extension .mpg, .mod, .tod, .mmv, .wmv, .divx, .avi, .m4v, .3gp, 3g2, .mp4, .m2t .m2ts, .mts, mkv etc.

Backup Google photos from your browser

  • At first, you have to open your browser.
  • Then you have to search for


  • photos.google.com

     Google Photos Backup


  • At the top right corner, you can see an option like upload then simply you have to click on it.

     Google Photos Backup


  • Then you have to find your photos which you want to backup.
  • Then click on open.
  • If you are running out of storage
  • From your browser, you have to search for photos.google.com
  • Then sign in to Google account.
  • At the top left corner, you can see the menu settings option.
  • You can see by storage option under your photo upload size.
  • Then select a storage plan.

     Google Photos Backup


  • Then pay for it.

     Google Photos Backup


  • And click on subscribe.

Just following the simple method including above you can easily buy storage.

Backup your Google photos in iPhone and iPad

you can easily backup your Google photos and videos and everything simply in your iPhone or iPad.
All you have to is to follow the method. 2 things you must know Google foldable phones.

If you back up your photos your photos will be the same for the lifetime and it will never be lost if you lost your phone too.

And photos will be stored privately. Do you Know the concept of Huawei Triple Camera.

To backup Google photos in iPhone just follow the 5 steps

  • At first, you have to open your Google photos app.
  • Then sign into your Google photos.
  • You can see in the menu bar in the top left corner.
  • Just you have to select the backup and sync option.
  • Tap backup and sync option and turn it on or off if you want.


In the process, if you find any other option just you have to do:

  • Go to your iOS settings application
  • Tap privacy then photos
  • And turn on Google photos


I am summarising what the article about. If you want to Google photos backup just go to your photos app and in the setting, you will find backup and sync option just you have to turn it on. Secure your phone from virus. Best antivirus for your phone.

It’s simple.


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