Millions of Facebook passwords exposed internally isn’t good news for us. We use Facebook every day but we don’t think about its password protection.



 We see various types of news about Facebook. But in recent times it has been a great threat for us. Facebook passwords exposed to enternally. Facebook Passwords.

 Facebook passwords

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About 600 Millions Of Facebook Passwords Exposed Internally

The researcher Brian Krebs broke the news data processing failure. Facebook said it had now a glitch that had stored passwords on it is an internal networking system. Backup your WhatsApp chat with these simple ways.


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So, keep your account secure please make sure that your password isn’t a plain text. 2 things you must know Google foldable phones.


And keep your password difficult. Backup your WhatsApp chat with these simple ways.



The Facebook account is really important to us. Because we have many close friends on Facebook.
So, to keep your Facebook account secure then don’t forget to make your password strong.
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